Inspiration Roundup

It seems that a lot of you out there are total inspiration junkies.  That’s cool, I am too.  That’s why I’ve decided to put together a collection of some of the best inspiration posts I’ve come across on the net.  Some are classics.  Some are new.  All are awesome.

If you ask me, you should you postpone whatever you were about to do and soak up each and every one of these links.  Enjoy!

Excellent Book Covers and Paperbacks

One of my favorite posts from Smashing Magazine, one of my favorite blogs.  Here lies a giant collection of book cover art.  As I’m not nearly as literate as I pretend to be, I haven’t seen many of these before.

Tadanori Yokoo Posters

An amazing collection of crazy Japanese art from the 60’s courtesy of a journey round my skull.

Olympic Poster Design

Design blog Abduzeedo showcases posters for the Olympic games from 1986 onward.  If you ask me they are all fantastic… until 1992, then they take horribly tacky a turn for the worse.

North Korean Propaganda Posters

A superb collection of propaganda art from North Korea.  Both beautifully done and completely horrifying.

Barcode Design

Inspiration blog Fubiz puts together an awesome collection of creative barcode designs.

30 Inspiring Poster Designs

Design Reviver showcases 30 beautifully designed posters.  Very inspirational stuff here.

50 Beautiful Movie Posters

Another epic post from the great Smashing Magazine.  As a fanatic of movie posters I would have to agree with these selections.  And hey, they even credited my Polish Poster article in their references!

60 Cool Custom Design Designer Toys

Spoon Graphics does a roundup of 60 customized designer toys.  I want all of them!

Mid Century Modern Art Inspiration

Another great post from Abduzeedo!  A wonderful collection of match box art from the WWII era.

Mad Men Illustrated

I am huge fan of the Emmy awarding winning series Mad Men.  Naturally, I was doing backflips when I happened upon Dyna Moe‘s collection of Mad Men inspired illustrations.  Every week she does a new piece inspired by the latest episode.  This is 100% awesomeness!

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  1. I think you see a lot from internet…so ,you can get these nice sites. From you I can see that I have a lot of work should learn .

    Yesterday,I got my “WordPress” starting… a ha, use xampp…
    Thanks a lot by you! 😛

  2. I really like your blog, been following since the 50 gig posters.
    I take my time with the books list and , even when soem of theme amuse me more than others, i have to say A Clockwork Orange cover was always a desapointment for me. I know i’m aiming agains a classic, and i do recognize the eye/engine fussion is great… but hate the other shapes and colors (as well as the end of the book, if we compare it with the movie). Where’s the malchik neck??? I think that upsetme the most. What ya think?
    Lulz, great post!

  3. Thank you! – those are excellent;). I’ll visit your blog regulary for sure:)

  4. Believe you will love to peruse the thousands of original vintage Polish
    poster designs at

  5. Nice post!