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Wall Medicated

Posted by Andrew Lindstrom

Today I’m proud to release the official WellMedicated Wallpaper for your iPhone or Desktop!

Truth be told, this is something I was hoping to couple with the launch of the redesign, but yet again my disorganization has gotten the better of me.  So here’s hoping this is a case of ‘better late than never’.

The wallpaper design is fairly minimalist and simple.  No pesky credits, web addresses or words in general for that matter to clutter it up.  I hate it when that happens and I’m sure you do to.

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ZinePress: A WordPress Magazine Theme

Posted by Andrew Lindstrom

I am very pleased to announce the official release of my latest WordPress theme; ZinePress.

ZinePress isn’t really an overcomplicated magazine theme, but she’s not exactly a run-of-the-mill blog design either.  My goal with this design was to create a theme that could present oodles of information to the visitor in a straight forward and non-threatening way.  It’s some of my proudest work and I hope you like it.

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