25 Imaginative Illustrations Inspired By Film

For the most part, being both a film geek and design geek are two completely separate interests of mine that rarely coexist.  Occasionally I’ll be enticed by a great poster design, or appreciate the font choice in a title sequence – but usually the two worlds never collide.

However, lately I’ve noticed a trend of artists and designers paying homage to their favorite films in their own creative way.  Whether it be the re-imagining of a film’s poster or the designing of a cover for a film’s novelization; I simply can’t get enough of this stuff.

It is in admiration of this movement that I’ve hand picked my favorite 25 Imaginative Illustrations Inspired By Film. Hope you like them.

Network – Source


Annie Hall – Source


The Shining – Source


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – Source


The Dark Knight – Source


Groundhog Day – Source


Big – Source


American Psycho – Source


M – Source


Rain Man – Source


Office Space – Source


The Philosopher’s Stone – Source


Highlander – Source


Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure – Source


The Great Dictator – Source


Pulp Fiction – Source


Ghost Busters – Source


Synecdoche, NY – Source


Die Hard – Source


The Order of the Pheonix – Source


Fight Club – Source


Deer Hunter – Source


Vacation – Source


The Chamber of Secrets – Source


The Shining – Source


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Yo, I'm Andrew Lindstrom. I am a freelance web designer based in Vancouver, Canada. When not geeking out over design, I'm likely geeking out over film, technology or pretending to play the guitar.

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  1. Great List !!!

  2. […] auf jeglicher Art und Weiße von den Unterschiedlichsten Dingen Inspirieren lässt, hat diesmal 25. Illustrationen aus dem Bereich Film genommen. Andrew hat mich damals auch schon Inspiriert eine Liste mit meinen Favorisierten […]

  3. Very inspiring! Thanks Andrew and goo job on the post.

  4. You are a very talented individual. I wouldn’t normally leave a comment on a page like this but I’m well impressed *****

  5. Thanks for the awesome comments guys. Glad the post is going over well.

  6. Absolutely love this list. I have scrolled up and down several times and i feel all warm and fuzzy inside when i see the beautyful fonts and colors and scratches etc.

    Where can i find more?

  7. great stuff really. love your blog <3

  8. Wow… very nice and very well thought!
    Many of them wouldn’t work so good in selling the movie to a new audience I guess, but when you HAVE seen the movies it is very funny and well executed!
    Thank you for this post.
    – Emil

  9. Awesome collection man…some real classics!

  10. those are so cool. thanks for sharing. i especially love the charlie chaplin one. xD

  11. Awesome—love the Rain Man one.

  12. ha the Shining one at the end was awesome.

  13. these are amazing. i would love to own a print or two for my wall. any plans to sell lithos of these?

    Steve Dale / April 17th, 2009
  14. Cool, very cool. Couldn’t help notice though that the one for Groundhog Day has ’12’ on every square (I presume that’s supposed to be a calendar where every day is the same?…Groundhog day falls on February 2nd…maybe I missed something…

  15. Absolutely brilliant work… nice imagery.

    Theranna / April 17th, 2009
  16. Just to clarify for the people that don’t know any better… he didn’t actually create ANY of these. Take the time to read the post instead of just looking at the pretty pictures.

    Thanks for sharing them, of course… people who are clearly praising you under the assumption that YOU did the work really need to pay attention.

    Bringdown / April 17th, 2009
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  18. […] 18. 25 Imaginative Illustrations Inspired By Film […]

  19. You ripped off someone else’s content and didn’t cite your source!!

    Charles Noteboom / April 17th, 2009
  20. I wish I could take credit for creating these amazing pieces, but they are just my favorites from around the web. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    @Charles Noteboom – Although my sources were able to be found at the bottom of the post under “References” or by clicking the image itself, I have added a text link to each image as well to hopefully clear up the confusion.

  21. Very impressive.

  22. A terrific gallery of images! I enjoyed my visit here very much.

  23. Where’s the clockwork orange one?

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  25. I really enjoyed looking through these!

  26. Glad to see more posts on this blog. Great stuff

  27. Can’t say that I like most of these, some I don’t see how they relate to the film at all, Groundhog Day in particular – so it’s the 12th, but that’s the only link I see there and it conveys no sense of comedy or what the film is about; also Ghostbusters… I assume this is the same film about a group of university drop-outs who start up a business catching ghosts, just in time to stop an ancient spirit and it’s giant marsh mallow man from taking over the world. I see nothing about this plot or imagery in that poster, the only reference is a very obscure one about the shoddy ESP ‘research’ conducted by Venkman, which really has nothing to do with the general plot.

    They all appear to be in exactly the same style too – got pretty samey and boring for me I’m afraid. I think I left the Ladybird Book of Illustrating behind when I was about 10 years old, now I aspire to something a little more sophisticated and modern.

    Don’t get me wrong, illustrations in the 1960’s were exciting and ground breaking at the time, but we are not in the 1960’s any more. These are just a bit too much like those old posters and children’s books, bring nothing new to the style, and just too abstract for my liking.

    Jonathan / April 19th, 2009
  28. The highlander one was awesomely funny!

  29. Highlander was great. Very creative and humorous. I like the charactures (Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, etc.) too.

  30. Jonathan, the Ghostbusters design shows the four streams from the proton packs. Great idea in my opinion, as it captures the four characters and their weapon against ghosts which is ultimately what they use to defeat Gozer. In abstract form, I think it’s pretty spot on.

  31. “starring Ernie Hudson”?? wtf?

  32. That’s hot! ::sip:: <3 mB

  33. Awesome! I love the Harry Potter Book covers. I’m a sucker for this type of design.

  34. Loved the Shining one at the end. Very creative.

  35. Some of these are Olly Moss. my personal fav is deer hunter
    I think maybe you should give credit where credit is due. I know your intentions are to take the creidt but some may not understand the sourcing

  36. Nice post! Good to have you back in true form.
    Also… “Now a major motion picture starring Ernie Hudson”!

  37. Today, I was inspired by your truly creative and imaginative art. I encourage you to spread this across the Internet and the world. Our society could use much more of this subtle challenge to reality.

    Dan Jordan / April 20th, 2009
  38. so true man, Mashable should be more carefull. Controversy is no doubt a good way to catch visitors but not at this level of people following you. Mashable be carefull.

  39. Now you learn power of great proportion! Teach you I will and you will become the greatest _________ of all! (Fill in blank to make your day seem happier)

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  42. I love Highlander and Deerhunter! Great artwork.

    Juan Carlos / April 22nd, 2009
  43. Love this post… sorry I’m late to the comment party.

    Rather pointless to list the ones I like. I enjoy most of them quite a bit. There are a couple I don’t like but only because they use spoilers in an attempt at humor. The Office Space one in-particular. Like, Vader in a maternity-ward staring through the glass, weeping, at a baby labeled “Luke” – totally a bad Empire Strikes Back poster. Briefly funny, maybe… but bad most certainly. (Sorry if I ruined the film for anyone.) Other than that tiny rant, awesome stuff. 😉

  44. That shining one was really cool!

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  47. @ Jonathan I think it would help if we see these not as regular movie posters or any other form of media meant to lead the vierw to the movie. Rather, I see these as creations by the artists and designers to express what they remember and feel about the movies in creative images. The need to reflect the the plot, imagery, or general sense would be out of place here.

    That said, for me a few of the pieces here could seriously work well as promo material for movies, particularly, Synecdoche, NY and The Great Dictator.

    (And I dig the “Now a major motion picture starring Ernie Hudson” bit. Now someone please do The Crow and feature that line!)

  48. I love that Synecdoche, NY poster!
    Fantastic representation!

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  52. very cool list… thanks for sharing

    theRealSaryB / April 26th, 2009
  53. Great lord, cool photos!

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  55. Good work on the crediting. Even better work on the selection of illustrations, you’ve picked out a great bunch :)

  56. These are great! Nice collection.

  57. Good !

    CocoSam / May 2nd, 2009
  58. i love The Dark Knight…

  59. Amazing! Love all of the movies posters that I’ve actually seen, and the others are just very well done. :) Bravo.

  60. I know someone else commented, but ‘Starring Ernie Hudson’ has me very confused about that ‘I Can Read Movies’ series.

    Brilliant post though, lovely work.

    Tim Brown / May 6th, 2009
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  66. thanks for the post. great pics

  67. awesome stuff… i would love to have the shining calendar

  68. Very Nice post!

  69. […] Die Hard – Source […]

  70. The Charles Chaplin one one is Flawless.

  71. […] Aqui la entrada completa: 25 Imaginative Illustrations Inspired By Film […]

  72. […] visto que Eban hablaba de ello en su blog y me he visto toda la galería, que está AQUÍ. Mi favorito es este; le he borrado el título de la peli por si alguien quiere devanarse los sesos […]

  73. beautiful illustration there.
    the best one is the dark knight.

  74. […] Die Hard – Source […]

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    See it at: http://www.bitterbalcony.com/content/25-movie-fan-art-posters

  76. Looks very antique. That is the most amazing feeling of all seeing all these images.

  77. Great blog! I love the ones done by Olly Moss!

    This is quiet a good one of blade runner! I like the way it hints at the robotic theme!


  78. The Charles Chaplin one one is Flawless.

  79. Very nice design. I was looking for such designs.
    keep up the good work.

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  81. absolutely amazing, i pine for posters like these

  82. These are excellent!

  83. They should be on Louvre

  84. I like a few of them like the fight club poster, but a number of them just don’t feel like illustrations to me like the ghostbusters one for instance. It just feels like a graphic designer needed to fill the space but didn’t have time to do or get an illustration so they just made a few shapes that resemble something from the movie.

    Just could have done so much more with it in my opinion I guess.

  85. Great compilation!! I love this blog! Congrats… I’m from Caracas btw :)

  86. Wow Andrew, this post is great, you did your research. Keep them coming.

  87. Rain Man, Die Hard, and Groundhog Day posters were very smart!

    Abhinand / March 7th, 2010
  88. graphic designers would be f**ked without Saul Bass

    notsaulbass / April 14th, 2010
  89. Really impressive.
    Modern movie posters should be this beautiful.

  90. Excellent sharing about imaginative illustrations!!!Thanks for ur sharing..

  91. I love how Ghostbusters is starring Ernie Hudson….? I didnt know he was such a huge star?

    lizzylou / July 29th, 2010
  92. The Die Hard poster has to be my favorite. I vivdly remember the scene where he takes his shoes off to scratch his toe in the bathroom. Then those terrorists realize it and shoot all of the glass. The scene made me feel nautious as hed ahd to pull the glass shards from his toes. OUCH!

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