Saul Bass: Jack Of All Trades

In this the first – of hopefully many – artist showcases I’m going to delve into the works of one of my heroes: Saul Bass.

What I admire about Saul Bass is not only his amazing talent, but the variety of mediums in which he exercises his talent.  The man was a masterful graphic designer creating some of the most original and iconic film posters and company logos out there.  He went on to revolutionize the film title sequence and even directed serveral short films!  Is there nothing the guy couldn’t do?

In this showcase I’ll share some of my favorite film posters, logos, graphic design and credit sequences by the master; Saul Bass.

Film Posters

As some of you may have gathered, I’m a total nerd for well designed film posters.  In my opinion, Saul Bass’ posters are some of the most original and creative posters ever made.  His unique style works beautifully with the medium and continues to be emulated to this day.

Saint Joan – Source


Love In The Afternoon – Source


The Shining – Source


One Two Three – Source


In Harm’s Way – Source


Anatomy Of A Murder – Source


Bunny Lake Is Missing – Source


Advise & Consent – Source


The Man With The Golden Arm – Source


West Side Story – Source


Such Good Friends – Source


It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World – Source


Exodus – Source


The Cardinal – Source


Bonjour Tristesse – Source


The Human Factor – Source


Vertigo – Source


Logo Design

Not only was Saul responsible for some of the greatest film posters of all time, he was also involved in some of the most brilliant logo designs.  A lot of these companies are still using his original work or a modification of his work.  As they should.

For more logos check out this awesome post on SignalNoise.

Girl Scouts – Source


Kleenex – Source


Dixie – Source


Bell – Source


AT&T – Source


Warner Communications – Source


United Way – Source


United Airlines – Source


Quaker – Source


Graphic Design

Saul Bass got his start in graphic design and produced some amazing work.  The following selections were all found from this wonderful collection of Saul’s work spanning from the 50’s through the 80’s.






Credit Sequences

Saul Bass is famous for his amazing title sequences, and rightfully so.  He is responsible for some of the of the most popular and beloved title sequences in film to date.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Learn more about Saul Bass’ title sequence work at titles designed by Saul Bass – a wonderfully detailed resource.

Bunny Lake Is Missing

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

North by Northwest

Oceans Eleven (1960)

Anatomy of a Murder

The Man With The Golden Arm

The Seven Year Itch



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  1. AMAZING round up. Saul Bass has always been a favorite designer of mine. I originally came about his work through a logo website where they featured him (might have been – not sure though).

    I’ll keep an eye out for new features as well. Nice 🙂

  2. One of the most memorable things about Sesame Street as a child was Saul Bass’ animations with color and geometry. Love it.

  3. Whoops. I was mistaken, that was actually Phillip Glass. How embarrassing. Still gorgeous though.

  4. Wow, I’ve seen a number of those film posters before on several different lists, but I had no idea so many of them were by the same guy. Guess I learned an important new name today.

  5. @Mike Smith – Thanks man!

    @Christapher – Phillip Glass is awesome as well. Never saw that animation before, it’s amazing!

    @Kim – Yeah, needless to say the guy kept busy. 🙂

  6. …ahhhh… of the great legends.

  7. Very nice! Inspiration is coming instantly 😛

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  9. Now that is one helluva post. Awesome, I’ve always loved his work. I’ve never seen some of those posters before though, I’m really fond of that first one for St. Joan actually, beautifully done. I hadn’t seen the girl scouts logo either, that’s definitely one of my favorite from him.

    Awesome update! Lookin’ forward to the next.

  10. Thanks for the awesome comments everybody!

    As an aside, I meant to mention this in the post but the credit sequence for “Bunny Lake Is Missing” was the inspiration for this site’s top navigation menu.

  11. your blog gonna be next smashing magazine, might worth to win blog of the year.. 🙂 they all look similar the poster, this man really know how to show his trademark. Love it.

  12. Thanks for the inspiration. I had never heard of Saul Bass … he is quickly becoming one of my design heroes!

  13. nice collection thanks..

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  18. Saul Bass was a great designer. But don’t forget, he had a whole studio of talented designers working there that did alot of that work.

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  20. I’m not given to superlatives too often, but this is a spectacular post.

  21. great site! although contrary to popular belief [and the fact that Bass did the title sequence[s]] the WSS poster was actually designed by Joe Caroff, cheers, neil

    Neil Jaworski / February 19th, 2009
  22. Don’t forget his only feature film: Phase IV.

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  25. It’s the first time I commented here and I must say you give genuine, and quality information for other bloggers! Great job.
    p.s. You have a very good template . Where have you got it from?

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  29. Great selection of Saul Bass’s work! Thanks for getting this all in one spot.

  30. Saul Bass has always been a favorite designer of mine…although contrary to popular belief [and the fact that Bass did the title sequence[s]] the WSS poster was actually designed by Joe Caroff, cheers, neil

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  32. Saul was one of the best!

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  36. Look up the posters designed by Mr. Bass, in the 1990s, for the Academy Awards ceremony.

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  38. Great selection of Saul Bass’s work! Thanks .

  39. Great site … it’s got me wondering why modern advertising doesn’t seem to have the same amount of “class”. Is it simply the passage of time?

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