45 Beautifully Designed Book Covers

I would imagine that nobody hates the expression don’t judge a book by its cover more than an actual book cover designer. Obviously, the metaphor isn’t really about books – but still, that’s gotta sting a little.

Let’s face it, if people didn’t actually “judge books by their covers”, there would be a lot of graphic designers out of a job. The need for company branding, attractive packaging or promotional material of any kind would be non-existent; thus leaving the lowly graphic designer nothing short of obsolete.

So in the spirit of judging books by their covers, I’ve compiled a list of 45 beautifully designed book covers that I find inspiring. Did I miss any that inspire you?

Moral Relativism – Source


The Brief History Of The Dead – Source


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Source


The Microscope and the Eye – Source


Lowboy – Source


The Kiss – Source


Who Is Conrad Hirst – Source


The Collected Poems of Tennessee Williams – Source


Spade & Archer – Source


When You Are Engulfed In Flames – Source


Send Me – Source


The Separation – Source


Payback – Source


A Monster’s Notes – Source


The House of Sleep – Source


The Annotated Nose – Source


Death in the Andes – Source


Day In Day Out – Source


The Tax Inspector – Source


When We Were Romans – Source


The Customs of the Kingdoms of India – Source


Kafka on the Shore – Source


Forgetting Things – Source


Strawberry Fields – Source


Obsession: A History – Source


On Seeing and Noticing – Source


Before The Big Bang – Source


Sea of Poppies – Source


The Humbling – Source


Leviathan – Source


Sedaris – Source


Freakonomics – Source


City of Thieves – Source


Bodies – Source


Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Source


The Error World – Source


Faraway Places – Source


Cool It – Source


The Gum Thief – Source


Company of Liars – Source


The Good Rat – Source


The Murder – Source


In The Cut – Source


American Nerd – Source


How To Speak At Special Events – Source


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  1. Great compilation. Day In Day Out is my fave.

  2. Great compilation.

  3. Oh, why do I not actually own the identified edition of several books on this list. An enjoyable compilation! Thank you.

  4. “Moral Relativism” and “When we were Romans” are my favorites.

    A good collection, indeed.

  5. Really nice list, loved most of them!

    Spade & Archer made me stop scrolling (in a good way!)

  6. Great and inspiring collection. I knew a number of these, but some of the best here I haven’t seen before – thank you for the post! :)

  7. Although the updates are far between, the posts are incredible. Thanks for the work.

  8. great recopilation!

  9. de lujo!

  10. A beautiful collection as usual.
    But the cover of “When You Are Engulfed In Flames” is really not an original cover.
    In deed, it is a Van Gogh’s painting :)

  11. The Gum Thief is so so clever. I dont know about the book though. Love all of them :)
    Great collection.

  12. Beautiful collection! All very clever, thank you

  13. Great compilation. I’m really glad I’ve embedded your RSS in http://2dfor3d.com – your blog is always full of great inspiration for my students : )

    I tweet @pop_art

  14. Great collection….very creative…Thank you.

  15. Awesome collection of book covers…verry nice for inspiration, thanks

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  17. ?? curious that you’d use the word “beautiful.” i find this entire thing pretty useless. never mind, it’s just one opinion.

  18. “Bodies” is my favorite – very creative design.

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  20. The updated version of Freakonomics has an updated cover as well, I think it might be worth looking at.


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  23. beautiful post!

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  27. wow they’re all brilliant design.
    i like ‘payback’ the most.

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  29. Nice findings. I love The Microscope and The Eye. By using images to replace words is an art of its own.

  30. Wonderful compilation. Thanks for sharing! I love it when publishers reprint classics with beautiful book covers. I think it’s a great way to entice people to read books that are (usually) great to begin with, but aren’t noticed because of standard covers that all look alike.

    Your blog’s design is lovely — simple but with nice little details. The footer wallpaper is awesome, stains and all. :)

  31. beautiful ones. thanks very much. I LIKE THE CAR ONE….round ..round…lol

  32. Wonderful !!! Thanks for sharing! I love it :)

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  34. BRAVO .. Nice very Nice ..

  35. Wow…very nice.

  36. The original Jurassic Park book cover by Chipp Kidd. It’s very rare that a book jacket is kept for the movie logo and all its merchandise.


  37. Wonderful compilation. Thanks for sharing! i like it

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  39. Amazing blog – excellent

  40. awesome work there which you sharing for another great inspirational stuff. thanks

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  43. Muy buen blog de diseño grafico! great blog! thanks from Argentina.

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  45. Love your book covers. thought you might like to see front and back of “william m. locke collection”. The red and gilt cover is a copy of a “colt casing” which Colt (gun mfg.) issued a hollowed out version to hide the colt pistol . In the 1850’s pretty embossed books were common in a gentleman’s library. Maybe i’ll see it on your site some day. m.g.

    mrs. marise goldberg / September 26th, 2009
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  47. Great post. I own about 9 of those books.

    I love some of the books for the cover more than the words inside.

  48. Good collection. Very Well done

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  50. well, a good design certainly make a good product looks even better!

  51. Sedaris is my favorite

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  53. Fantastic collection, I’m not really a book person. But I sometimes almost pick up books that look amazing, although I’ve never really seen any as good as these.

  54. Did the covers sell more books than some other cover would have? Sorry folks, but in the end it is about the book.

    Nelson Cauthen / April 5th, 2010
  55. wow! amasing… love it, yeeees
    incredibly cool cover!

  56. Although one should not JUDGE a book by its cover, no one ever said one should not CHOOSE a book by its cover. Some of my favorite reads have been so chosen….

    Virginia / May 16th, 2010
  57. I absolutely loved all of these. Gave me plenty of new design ideas.

  58. Nice, I’m big fan of books so this was a good post for me. (By the way, came in from Stumble via your post on getting blog traffic for $20, so this is one stumble guy who stuck around!)

    I particularly liked ‘The Brief History of the Dead’

  59. A great list. I think Blindness by Jose Saramago should be included too.

  60. I’ve seen alot of books with much better covers than what was shown, some of them weren’t even that interesting but thanks for your attempt

  61. that is why i always judge a book by its cover

  62. Moral Relativism is my favorite

  63. that’s another reason why i judge a book by the cover

  64. I used to think there was no excuse for having an unread book but now I’m not so sure. great design

  65. Very nice about the designed bookcovers..Its very useful to designers to design a book covers..Nice collection.Thanks for sharing

  66. I really am partial to Sea of Poppies, the colors appeal to me.

  67. Hey. Post more!

  68. I love books where the cover design is as attractive as the content.

  69. Thank you, great covers. I especially love the simplicity of some of these covers.

  70. I agree those are good cover’s ..

  71. Wonderful Thanks for sharing! I love it when publishers reprint classics with beautiful book covers and i like the bodies one :)

  72. D: okay, I admit, most of them are pretty creative and clever, but NOT beautiful. Not for me anyway. 😡

  73. hello there!.. A good web design certainly make a good product looks even better and stunning!

  74. great compilation!

    And I found this one inspiring too :)

    elizabeth medina / September 21st, 2010
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  77. These are some very good book cover designs!

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