ZinePress: A WordPress Magazine Theme

I am very pleased to announce the official release of my latest WordPress theme; ZinePress.

ZinePress isn’t really an overcomplicated magazine theme, but she’s not exactly a run-of-the-mill blog design either.  My goal with this design was to create a theme that could present oodles of information to the visitor in a straight forward and non-threatening way.  It’s some of my proudest work and I hope you like it.

Screen Shot

Live Demo

Like what you see?  Be sure to check out the live demo to see ZinePress in all her glory!

Cross Browser Compatible

I’ve tried my darndest to make ZinePress play nice with all the major players.  The following  browsers have been personally verified by yours truly: Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox 2+, Opera 9+, Safari 3+ and Chrome 0.2+!

Widget Ready

Yep, this baby is widgetized!  There are sidebar and footerbar widgets.  Also, there are optional widgets for advertisements in the header and sidebar (if you’re into that kind of the thing).  See the readme file for instructions.

WordPress Compatibility

I’ve only tested this theme on WordPress Version 2.6 & 2.7.  I’m willing to bet it is compatible with older versions, but to be safe use at least WordPress Version 2.7.

Of Course It Validates!

What do you take me for?  ZinePress was coded by hand and has valid XHTML Strict 1.0 and CSS Level 2.1.


This is a free theme.  You may use, alter, tweak, tamper, modify and mangle it to your liking.  But please leave the footer links in tact.  I know it sucks, but it really helps me out as a more-or-less completely unknown designer.  Thank you kindly.

Gimme Gimme!

Without further ado…

Download ZinePress v1.0.1

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Yo, I'm Andrew Lindstrom. I am a freelance web designer based in Vancouver, Canada. When not geeking out over design, I'm likely geeking out over film, technology or pretending to play the guitar.

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  1. […] Andrew Lindstrom of WellMedicated has just launched a new magazine styled theme called ZinePress. ZinePress is a 2 Column widget ready WordPress theme. It is a theme which can present loads of information without ‘threatening the visitor’. ZinePress isn’t really an overcomplicated magazine theme, but she’s not exactly a run-of-the-mill blog design either.  My goal with this design was to create a theme that could present oodles of information to the visitor in a straight forward and non-threatening way.  It’s some of my proudest work and I hope you like it. # […]

  2. nice design to release for free!

    imho would look better without the ribbon ends 😉 >

  3. […] new free WordPress magazine style theme, by designer Andrew Lindstrom of the blog Wellmedicated.com is a sharp looking […]

  4. Very sharp and polished theme Andrew. I just wrote about it and linked to it from my blog Alone on the Web that I just started.

    I would have to agree with styletime about the ribbon ends though. Is it easy to change that if you wanted to?

  5. Thanks for the comments guys. It’s funny, I never really thought anything of the “ribbon ends”, but now that you mention it they don’t really go with the rest of the design.

    I’ll try do some tweaking and maybe release a version 1.1 – sans ribbon ends.

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  7. ZinePress: A WordPress Magazine Theme…

    ZinePress a two-columns, clean wordpress magazine theme, widget-ready. There are sidebar and footerbar widgets. Also, there are optional widgets for advertisements in the header and sidebar….

  8. Very nice theme. Maybe i’ll use it on one of my blogs. Will post an article for french wp users to come on your page 😉

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  10. I think I like everything about this theme! Awesome, and as stated above, to release it for free – wow!

  11. Really nice layout on your theme. Any thoughts on making any different versions? One with double sidebars on the right would be nice for us widescreen users 😉
    Are you going to release the PSD file of the theme? I’d like to modify it a little and the PSD would make it much easier.

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  14. I need your help…

    in feb this year i started this http://www.wscoop.com its a resource for developers and designers.

    But I need help

    I need links to web design and development, site , articles links…… anything you think of….

    Please are you able to help me make this into a great resource for developers and designers.

    P.S Love the theme

  15. @Brandon – Thank you very much!

    @Andreas – I hadn’t considered a second sidebar, but I’ll think about it. The problem would be those with 1024px monitors, for whatever reason there is still a few out there. As for the PSD file, I’ll try to include it with the next version.

    @Paul – I wrote this blog post a little while ago listing my favorite design blogs. Might be a good place to start :)

  16. Modified it quite a bit and added it to my WPMU installation. My users are attacking it like rabid dogs.

    I’ll probably modifiy it some more, and add an options page so they can tweak the colors since it’s become so popular on my network

    Your footer links remain …and Thanks :)

  17. I was wondering if anyone could help me, sorry, I know this isn’t a forum, but anyway: I was wondering how I use this in WordPress. I just got an account just so I could use this. However, I don’t quite understand the instructions. What does he mean when he says
    – Upload the “zinepress” folder to \wp-content\themes\
    – Log into your admin panel and select “Design”.
    – Click the “ZinePress” theme screenshot and click “activate”.
    Does that mean upload it to the wordpress website or somewhere on my computer? But where on my computer? where is \wp-content\themes? Any help is greatly appreciated. If anyone can help please email me at [email protected].

  18. @Mikey Fresh – Are you referring to wordpress.com? Unfortunately, that service does not allow you to use your own themes (to the best of my knowledge anyway).

    This theme is designed for anyone running the wordpress platform on their own servers. More information on that can be found at wordpress.org, not .com :)

    Sorry for the confusion.

  19. Nice theme ! Really love the design. Thank you for taking the time ot make it.

  20. @nu derm – My pleasure :)

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  22. Sweet design! Thanks for releasing it for free Andrew.

  23. it rocks ! congrats !

  24. you are the best… great theme..delicious

  25. Great work on the theme! I’m using it on my site and it’s working out good so far, but I have one question – how do you set the post image? It’s probably something small I overlooked, but I can’t find it in the post editor, or anywhere I can think of, for that matter.


  26. @jan – Glad you are enjoying the theme. To set up the post image see the readme.txt file and look for the heading “How to place thumbnails into posts”. Hopefully that will help :)

  27. Nice magazine theme, missing auto-thumb nail generation though!

  28. Dear Andrew,

    I’m setting up your theme for my first blog :)
    Everything works but the only thing i do not know is how to set up the ad spaces. what kind of widget i have to use? or may be it is not a question of widget.

    Same question for the “thumbnail” for each article. Where do i upload the pics?

    Thanks for your feedback !

    You ‘ve done a great joB.

  29. I found everything in the readme file :)

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  31. Awesome work! This is one of the reasons it’s getting tougher to sell these things – thanks for offering it freely!

  32. Nice theme – but it would be smoother if the background will be fixed.

    Why did you put the background again into the #wrapper?

  33. @Julien – Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier, glad to see you found the answer in the readme file :)

    @Brandon Cox – Thanks!

    @Thomas – I’m not sure I’m following you. Is something not lining up properly? There are two seperate background images: bg.png & topbg.png. Topbg.png is used to achieve the subtle dark fade at the top of the layout while bg.png is used for the rest. So the background being called in #wrapper is not the same image as the one being called in ‘body’. I hope that’s what you were asking about :)

  34. This theme looks professional. I love it :)

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  36. I really like this theme. I have been looking for a magazine-style theme for quite a long time now and I think I just found the perfect one :)

  37. I didn’t observed that the background at the top has this fade out. I just have tried to fix the background in the body and noticed that obviously there is the same header in the wrapper. Sorry…

  38. Great theme wordpress for me ! Thanks for share

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  43. one geek to another, I have to say I really like this theme. Nice job amigo. I may know someone who is looking for a template that lookslike this so I am going to give this link….keep up the good work.

  44. […] I really like this free wordpress theme, made by WellMedicated. […]

  45. […] Zinepress, es un excelente theme magazine para wordpress, sus colores son espectaculares que dan un toque muy especial a nuestro blog. Ademas de ser compatible con todos los navegadores web existentes! […]

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  47. golly! i’ve been indirectly looking for something like this for a while.
    its so! good.

  48. I like it! Thanks for sharing. :)

  49. I was wondering how I can fix the sidebar and footerbar so they aren’t in what looks like a list? I don’t want all the space caused by the dotted line between every picture and every link. Thank you in advance for your assistance and a beautiful theme!

  50. just to add – I want to change in sidebar, not footer bar. I’ve figured something out but it isn’t still quote correct. I have bullets in front of ribbons. My links to other sites are underlined and not colored right. Sorry, I should have tried first & posted this all together in one post. Thanks again!

  51. i love this theme, but is there any way to make link click-able from the main page?

  52. The theme looks great! It’s a nice design. I like it.

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  54. […] is an option at the bottom of the WP-Touch style to switch back to the normal Zinepress theme for wordpress.  Alright I’m out.  Enjoy the new updates and help support […]

  55. i keep getting Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end.
    anybody else getting this?

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  58. […] ZinePress是一款两栏, Web2.0风格,整齐,简洁,美观的WordPress主题。兼容Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox 2+, Opera 9+, Safari 3+ 和Chrome 0.2+。支持Widget, 包含侧边栏Widget和底部Widget, 侧边栏进行了友好的125广告投放设计。另外,包含文章缩略图功能。 […]

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  60. […] ZinePress é um theme para WordPress bastante original e bem desenhado. Vem preparado para anúncios e tem um botão RSS bastante original. […]

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  62. Hi, Im moving from Blogger to wordpress,, and i have lots of posts, every one has 1 image. How can I put that image in the thumbnail without editing all my posts?

  63. i love it, but I get a lot of errors. Let me know when fixed.
    A little bit annoying and frustrating but I <3 it!

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  65. HI, its good theme, but I have also problem with thumbnails. :( I was reading “readme.txt”, but I dont understant :
    1. Where in wordpress is “Add image” under “Add Media”? Under Media I have “Add new” and under “Add media” in “post”- “Add new” I have Select files.
    How I have make it ? Please help me.

  66. ouuu, :) now it go :) I hope that it wasnt luck :)

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  68. hi!! nice theme. i was wondering if it is possible to make the post lenght ” bigger ” on the first page, without having to click on ‘read more’ to read the whole article. can you help me?! thanx : )

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  72. Lovely! Nice to see a unique looking theme for a change! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  73. I’m getting an error when trying to view the theme, with WordPress 2.7.
    Parse error: parse error in C:\wamp\www\girassol\wp-content\themes\zinepress\header.php on line 46


  74. @Taigo – I had another person with the same problem (didn’t show for me for some reason).

    He figured it out, and I have made the change and uploaded it as version 1.0.1. Try downloading that version.

    Sorry about that. Thanks Omri for figuring it out.

  75. Great Theme, Thanks :)

  76. I’m having some trouble being able to click on anything on the entire page, as if the WRAPPER #DIV box is covering everything up! What’s going on with that?

    Help me out! twitter: @anexemines I’m on 24/7

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  78. @Sean Boone – Hmmm…that’s a new one on me. I was worried it was a bug in 1.0.1 but I just downloaded and installed it to be safe and it works on my end… I’ll email you.

  79. Hi!
    Your theme is really great. In fact i installed wordpress a few days ago for the first time and found your very nice theme. Till then a am blogging about kiteboarding for a german audience. The fresh coulours suit the topic of kitesurfing very well. The Theme is very good for my puprposes e.g. the presentation of kitefotos or kitespots all over the world.

    Thanks a lot! Of course it is a pleasure for me to leave the footer links as they are. I would also like to thank you for the easy possibilty to create an own logo.

    ps: Fell free to leave a comment on my Blog aswell…

    Kiter Thomas

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  81. Wicked! I’ve been looking for a cool theme for a while. Zinepress is the one. Thanks for creating such a great looking theme.

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  85. I like ur Zinepress Themes ….
    Now i downloaded it…
    Thanks .. 😀

  86. beautiful wp theme, however, I’m not sure about the footer. I used this kind of theme before and the footer which is supposed to be displayed at the bottom, often is displayed in the middle.

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  89. Fantastic theme! Using it on our website. Thanks!

  90. good design and good taste..thank’s for free download design theme………………….

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  92. Подскажите, как бороться с этим С П А М О М?

  93. EHY, great work, the theme is wonderful, but I have a little problem, Can you tell me why in the twitter widget on my blog all the links are wrapped, is a problem of Css?

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  95. Hi andrew, I really like your “Zinepress” ,keep up the good work ! and I’m waiting your new themes.. see you

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  98. I have uploaded this theme to the latest version of WordPress, yet the background image (the white behind the posts & sidebar) is very small. Help please!!

  99. That is a really awesome wordpress theme! it is really interesting…keep it up….look forward to read more from you.

  100. great theme..love it

  101. This theme is brilliant! I use it on my new blog. The only problem I have found so far is that the text widgets need some formatting.

    Keep up the good work.

  102. Nice theme, thanks for the ideas!

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  106. Great theme. And for free also!

  107. Very good theme , thanks

  108. I’ve just downloaded your theme and I must admit it’s great! I tried about 5 before but yours is just perfect… for me. Thanks

  109. great topic thanks

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  111. Very nice theme. I’ve inserted it in WordPressGala, my WP themes gallery site

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  113. Awesome Template! I use it on my ZoomLab in a modded Version – hope you like it!

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  117. Greatings from Hannover, Germany.
    I will try it.

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  120. Looks cool!

  121. I love it, but is there a way to disable the thumbnail format and just have the individual posts appear in it’s full length (more traditional blog type)?

  122. nice theme mr andrew!!

    ban_nelnel / April 15th, 2009
  123. Классная статья – спасибо!

  124. Hi, i’m just setting up the website, and i’m having problems with uploading thumbnails.

    I’ve got the posts sorted, and i’ve got the media uploaded to my server, it’s just where it says enter ‘Thumbnail’ into ‘Key’ in the custom fields box. I have no KEY field, and i’m using the latest version of Word press too. This makes it impossible to stick in thumbnails on the front page.

    Any ideas?


  125. Круто, спасибо! 😉

  126. Ty for this theme. It´s a warm magazine version, not cold ones. xoxo from Brazil.

  127. Класно! Нашел, наконец толковый блог на просторах интернета) Ура!

  128. Как хорошо что удалось отыскать такой замечательный блог, и тем более отлично, что есть такие автора толковые!

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  131. Достаточно интересная и познавательная тема

  132. This theme looks great. Just wanted to let you know your site looks great. I’ll be checking in periodically.

  133. И придратся не к чему, а я так люблю покритиковать…

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  135. На Ваш блог знакомый в аську ссылку кинул. Оказалось ,что не зря Понравилось. Тепрь постоянно читать буду

  136. У вас RSS в кривой кодировке!

  137. I take it! thank u!

  138. Спасибо вам за сайт, очень полезный ресурс, мне очень нравится

  139. Спасибо. Прочитал с интересом. Блог в избранное занес=)

  140. This theme is so nice, I have to build a site just to go with it. 😉

    Thank you very much!

    Dragonetta / April 29th, 2009
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  143. Очень интересно!!! Только не очень могу понять как часто обновляется ваш блог?

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  145. Респект!

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  147. Hey Andrew – you have a great theme here. I wrote a post about it, featuring your theme. Thanks for making a good one :)


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  150. Ey hello! thank you verymuch for this great theme!
    i have a question, well im new in WP
    but how i can change or put a pict in everypost, the Thumbail! thank you very much!

    i´be waiting for the response.

    Chris Arredondo / May 24th, 2009
  151. great article, it really made me want to post.

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  154. you too genius. i like your work very much. but i think you can do more new and kreative work….! keep think about (K)reative…;) best of luck

  155. This theme is a space-waster. Definitely not for professionals. No apologies-it just blows. One page split down the center and decorated……cum’on.

  156. I used your theme for my new blog but have changed the design little bit. Of course I left your footer information as is and stopped by here for thanking you.

  157. Hi, nice theme but there is a problem with footnotes… :(

    I want to use these theme for a site where users cand post their articles from Microsoft Word. (law articles with a lot of footnotes… )

    In IE 6.0 the post is not displayed after the first footnote!

    The page it looks like when “div” is not closed…

    Any ideea how to solve this? Lots of 10x.

    Andreea / June 2nd, 2009
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  159. “This is a free theme. You may use, alter, tweak, tamper, modify and mangle it to your liking. But please leave the footer links in tact. I know it sucks, but it really helps me out as a more-or-less completely unknown designer. Thank you kindly.”

    Lame? Allowing people to use this template for free, allowing modifications save for footer links, is just about as cool as you can get, this template is amazing!

    I don’t use templates myself though maybe I should I am not very good at web design, but if I were I certainly think that leaving your footer links wouldn’t be too much trouble!

    How very rad of you to share this, your designs are amazing.

  160. Great design, keep up the good wordk !

  161. Wow thank you this is a truly magnificent template? Where is the donation button round here?

  162. very nice theme…. thankx

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  164. great theme thanks for the upload, gonna give it a whirl now

  165. nice themes … thanks for sharing

  166. I really love your theme! I’m new at wordpress and your theme is really helping me out to get things up and running. Keep up the good work !

  167. Thanks for your hard work! I like me theme, for now, but I know someone who just might find this really c o o o l. Read More Useful Beneficial Computer Information

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  169. You love the web. Very excellent, this web-obliged to come and then I will stop reading. Your post regularly.

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  171. Very Nice, I am going to possibly use this for my next girly site :)

  172. It’s ompatible with WordPress 2.8?

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    Very usefull information to all of us, especially i like your blog design, Very Attractive Design & Try to Add some Social Media Widget This will increase your blog visibility.
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  174. I really like this theme! And thanks for the explanation too!

  175. nice design! thanks!

  176. nice and neat, really like it, thanks for sharing.

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  178. Nice theme i loved it and going to set this for my next blog but confused where should i place adds coz i want to justify adds with this good design………….korean fashion wholesale

  179. Nice one Andrew ! It really is !

  180. I think I love everything about it! Unbelievable, as mentioned above, which will be published in Portuguese – Wow!

  181. nice blog keep up the good work I will comeback soon to read more articles
    thank you

  182. wow, looks very good

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  184. ZinePress: A WordPress Magazine Theme is great template.i’ll put this article to my bookmarking page.thx for theme..i m following you.

  185. simple..but very nice theme…i like this!thank’s before…

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  187. Is there any way that you can add gravatar images beside the author’s name?

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  189. waw..very nice theme..i will use to this theme on my web page..thank you so much man.

  190. thanks for you to share . it is so useful for us

  191. Is there any way that you can add gravatar images beside the author’s name?

  192. I use joomla, but WP is best

  193. […] ADICIONAIS – Nome do Tema: ZinePress – URL: Andrew Lindstrom – Tradução: Celso […]

  194. Very nice theme man! I have two suggestions:
    1. Have different pre-built color options in wordpress.
    2. Include original PSD files for someone who wants to make their own colors.
    This theme is 100% better than most “premium paid” themes. Keep up the great work!

  195. Nice magazine theme.. thanks for theme ! i’ll download this..

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  197. FTW!

  198. wonderful theme.. thanks

  199. thanks thank you

  200. ZinePress Demo Download

  201. ..thank you so much man.

  202. nice and neat, really like it, thanks for sharing.

  203. ooo great themes, and thanks wellmedicated

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  205. great theme. Maybe i’ll use it on one of my blogs. is there any option to change it into 3 column or i have to tweak it

  206. Amazing theme, you did a great job! Can I make some changes (without removing the mention for your work, of course)
    I’ll also translate it to Portuguese 😉

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  209. First off let me say, I love the design Andrew, great work. Secondly as I was installing my plugins I noticed that all-in-one seo pack did not work. I did some digging and found that within the head tag needs to be moved above the statement. Hope this helps.

    Happy Blogging,

  210. […] Bref, je tiens à rendre hommage à Andrew Lindstrom, créateur de l’excellent thème Zinepress que j’ai choisi d’utiliser pour soigner vos jolies mirettes rivées sur ce blog. […]

  211. Thanks for sharing it. I like the design. Neha Jain ( http://www.myudaipurcity.com )

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  217. 1) Fantastic work. Love the simple, clean design.
    2) For some reason, when I upload an image per your instruction and add it to a post (and include “thumbnail”) it just squishes in the full image rather than using the thumbnail that it made. It’s creating the thumbnail, just not using it. Any ideas?

  218. It’s really nice theme.

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    It’s look nice, but can you upload a bigger image/s or a link to a demo site for better viewing ?

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    One Problem, I’ve installed the theme but the Thumbnails appear out of scale. Is this normal or is it something i’m doing wrong?

    Thanks again for a this great WP theme…


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    i can’t find it at the widget menu

    constanza / October 6th, 2009
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    I have run into one minor issue, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

    On my blog I am using Text widgets. I can’t figure out how to change the CSS for those widgets. I have been over the Zine Press CSS backwards and forwards. I have made many changes so I know my way around, but I can’t find the CSS for the Text Widget? Is it in the WordPress CSS, if so were?

    Template is great thanks, just can’t figure out this last piece to to puzzle?

    Carbonwingnut / October 18th, 2009
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    Sorry for the noob question (:

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    Great Theme man. I have seen only few free themes designed such nice as this one. Highly appreciate your work. Just planning to use it on one of my blogs. keep it up :)

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