50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland

When I’m not geeking out over design you can probably find me geeking out over film.  I spent a good 7 years of my life working behind the counters of various video stores across Western Canada and consider myself an avid film nerd.

So it’s not surprisingly that my jaw nearly hit the floor when a coworker introduced me to the wonderful world of Polish film posters a couple of years ago.  These conceptual masterpieces put the original American posters to shame every time; they are truly beautiful works of art.  Trimming this list down to a mere 50 posters that I absolutely love was surprisingly difficult.

Apocalypse Now

Rosemary’s Baby


Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back

Return Of The Pink Panther

Raging Bull

The Last Detail


The Fly

The Fly

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Harry And The Hendersons

The Getaway


Crocodile Dundee 2

Being There

Old Yeller

Terms Of Endearment

Terms Of Endearment

War Games

War Games

The China Syndrome

Weekend At Bernie’s

Weekend At Bernies


Eyes Wide Shut

The Shaggy Dog

Under The Volcano

Under The Volcano

The Late Show

Short Circuit 2


Don’t Look Now


Fanny And Alexander


Straight Time

Son Of Godzilla


Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Days Of Heaven

Smokey And The Bandit

Permanent Vacation

Fatal Attraction

Airplane 2: The Sequel

The Hospital

The Hospital



The NeverEnding Story

Lord Of The Flies

Draughtsman’s Contract

The Changeling


Enter The Dragon

After Hours



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Yo, I'm Andrew Lindstrom. I am a freelance web designer based in Vancouver, Canada. When not geeking out over design, I'm likely geeking out over film, technology or pretending to play the guitar.

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  1. Some freaky stuff there! Are these the posters developed by the film studios for Poland?

  2. I need more information on polish graphic design, this stuff is the beez kneez I mean, how can I find the individual artists?

  3. I didn’t like most of these… they were to dull! Kind of depressing, actually.

    There were a few I liked, but most of them just looked like something from an old magazine from the 80’s!

    jkillah1 / August 19th, 2008
  4. Interesting how many of these have the faces masked, distorted or otherwise obscured. What would a cultural anthropologist say…?

    Cora Judd / August 20th, 2008
  5. From a majority of the movies I know, this is a collection from the 70s-80s, kind of explains why they look like they’re from a magazine from the 80s.
    They’re all cool and all, but movie posters weren’t screened (as bad or well, however you want to look at it) by the CCCP communist pig censors. So, the artists actually put political commentary in the posters. That’s why a good portion of them don’t relate to the films, at all. I love the star wars and indy ones.

  6. those… are… completely breaking what i know about movie posters.

    interesting. inspiring. a few ideas helping me inject new life into my next poster project. very cool :)

    not sure how you found them all, but great stuff.

  7. wow, american movies posters look so bland in comparison. these are perfect examples of how graphic design and fine art are not mutually exclusive :]

    emmaaaaaa / August 21st, 2008
  8. these are artistically brilliant. whether they look old doesn’t matter. these are beautiful pieces of art not to be confused with the bullshit we use to advertise in the us.

    neeecole / August 21st, 2008
  9. jkillah1, at least they are *different*. To me, Hollywood’s poster are annoying. May be it’s because I’m tired of all the US shit.

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  11. Are u ppl blind? These are garbage. It looks like they were drawn with pencil crayons and markers by a ten year old. We live in a world of photoshop now. These poters look to be drawn in Microsoft Paint. Get with the times man. I like vintage design just as much as anyone else but these are just terrible excuses for art. Very lazy designs here that seem to be whipped up in minutes by whoever created them. If this is what it looks like throughout Poland, then they are missing out big time.

  12. I think the collection is great btw but the title is just wrong.

  13. @Bukator: Maan, these are freom the ’80s. Do ypu know what does that mean? Did you ever draw with your hand, made you own silk screen to create gradients and shapes? Design your own typeface, not usin some font found on the web? I mean you can do real stuff now, I dont say phostosopin or he mighty Illustratoris bad at all, but these are great work. This is where today vintage shit is grounding from. just my 2 cents.

    lizardboi / August 23rd, 2008
  14. photoshopped

  15. why are they so much better than us?

  16. oh and i didnt think that American films were shown in the USSR.

  17. Many of you may call these “art”, but maybe you are just giving them too much credit because they are old. To me, they just remind me of all those dirty, boring, drab things from decades ago. Like watching TV shows from the early 90’s.

    I love good art, and don’t get me wrong. The modern hollywood posters are not that great, but at least they have some vibrant color!

    Nowadays, all that these posters would do is depress people and make them think that the films were boring! I’m surprised that so many people like these. It just gives me a sinking feeling in my gut. Uggh!

    jkillah1 / August 25th, 2008
  18. pretty sure its to do with copyright laws + stuff like that, they weren’t allowed to use the actual pictures so they had to make do with whatever they could draw. not cos “poland is stupid” like what most of u retards are thinking

  19. I’m from Poland. Thanks for appreciation :), although I don’t find all of them so great.
    However that kind of graphics/posters are visible in our theaters and other places. I’m talking about Cracow cause that’s where i live.
    I think that ‘style’ distorted and unclean developped at the beginning of 20th century, 1st, 2nd world war… But actually posters , leaflets were always wery important to my country – they were used to maintain nation’s good spirit and patriotism in the time of wars and slavery (200 years).
    Here’s an example if someone is interested: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/8/84/Poland_First_To_Fight.jpg/180px-Poland_First_To_Fight.jpg

    and other: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/124/377417852_1bd4c9b92e.jpg?v=0

    “WARA” means something like “stay out and watch out”

    I think you would like posters from theatre spectacles.

  20. @Bukator: We have photoshop 😀 Some Poles has won couple of international photoshop contests recently.
    We also have cars, really lol 😛 and washing mashines, ipods, iphones and other rubbish and no, bears don’t eat ppl on the streets and winter does not last nine months hehe
    peace :)

  21. People, these posters was made 20-30 years ago. We know Photoshop in Poland, can You imagine? hehe. We have even TV! Whoa! 😛

  22. these are great! a lot of them are more interesting than the movies they advertise.

  23. Amazing – dark & moody

  24. pretty depressing lot. some frustrated soul working on them. didnt like any. morose and not really communicative.

  25. Some fantastic work in this collection. I can understand why so many comments have been negative. All these posters completely break with the slick airbrushed vernacular of modern Hollywood movie posters. They remind me of theatre posters, that continue to use the hand drawn ‘arty’ style.

    Lucasdigital / August 27th, 2008
  26. Poland actually has a very good history of printmaking and postermaking. Good to see someone has discovered some of this.

    asdfasdf / August 27th, 2008
  27. Spectacular collection. For people exposed to truly banal mainstream pop “art” (and I don’t mean Warhol) these will appear strange, despairing, uncomfortable, brilliant. You know, all the things “real” art can evoke.

    Negative comments? Nothing more than fools stumbling through a museum.

    asdfasdf / August 27th, 2008
  28. Thanks to everyone who has commented – good and bad. I’ve been out of town and haven’t had a chance to reply to anyone.

    I’m not surprised that this stuff isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, these are pretty dark and strange selections.

    For those of you seeking more information be sure to check the ‘sources’ section of the post.

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  30. Wow, a lot of awesome Pieces of Art among these Posters.
    “The Empire Strikes Back” is one of my Fav`s

    Pathfinder / August 30th, 2008
  31. Too bad not all countries do as the poles and design their own movieposters. The official ones from the moviecompanies are often of no artistic value. Hopefully this will spread and I look forward to see something like this in Sweden.

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  34. ok folks!
    here’s the polish comtemporary poster genius
    tomasz opasinski
    and his website http://www.tomasz-opasinski.com/
    i want to hear your jaws hitting the floor!!!!!!!!!!

  35. This is soooo weird. Yet awesome! Thumbed up!

  36. Wonderful collection.

    However, it has to be pointed out that not all of the posters here were made during the communist era. The “Breakfast at Tiffany” poster and the “Raging Bull” one are very recent productions – and I’m not sure whether they were in any way supposed to accompany official releases.

  37. […] gro

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  39. “oh and i didnt think that American films were shown in the USSR.”

    Yeah. But what does that have to do with Poland? Ignorance bliss is, young Skywalker…

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  41. Some really beautiful and clever posters, even for bad movies like short circuit. I particularly liked the critters, raging bull, and eyes wide shut ones.

  42. Hi there!
    Some folks wrote that the collection is co depressive and they are right, but good poster always shows not only the product but also the market and the customers. Years of communism were not very funny and all of this sad times you can find on these posters.

    And there you have some more: http://www.poster.com.pl/vintage-movie-poster.htm

  43. At the time (and up until something like the mid 90’s almost) a lot of the films in Poland were dubbed into Polish, with a rather bland voice-over, and the posters were made into Polish versions so that the public could understand them. The artists doing the posters were often quite well known (maybe not outside their circle, but they received a lot of respect) and it enabled some struggling artists to make small money during very difficult times. And yes, some made statements. Poland is a very creative country, thoroughly maligned, with a film industry that has produced some of the best films out there. That their poster industry is also artistically great is a reflection of how much films are/were important to many people because they made you think, more than just ‘entertainment’ . I am out of touch with the Poland of the last ten years, and I expect it has changed an awful lot.

  44. These are absolutely wonderful – many thanks for putting them up.

  45. Some beautiful art. Some of these are absolutely inspired; proof of what designers can do if given a free reign, and not dictated to by the client. Can you imagine that Empire Strikes Back poster being approved by LucasFilms? More’s the shame!
    It’s not surprising how many people don’t like this, we are conditioned to expect advertising to reflect exactly what’s in the box; modern advertising leaves no space for imagination and creativity. I think these works of art paint a much more emotive story than photographic posters can.
    Thanks for putting together the collection.
    Hand-painted Indian film posters are also worth a look. Oh and don’t forget, not all films shown in Poland are bland Hollywood imports, there’s some great Polish cinema around too :)

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  47. Wow, I have to say I really enjoyed the entire perspective change in these – not all were exceptional artistically, but showed some real style missing from the original US onesheets.

    Art grown in isolation during the cold war by our creative friends in Poland and across the Eastern Bloc, especially poster art, has a remarkable feel to it – even propaganda posters are sometimes beautifully composed and works of art growing in a different ecosystem from the West.

    Thanks for this collection.

  48. Anyone who doesn’t like these is just experiencing a fleeting moment of ‘non-hollywood’ syndrome; that is, anything that doesn’t conform to their hollywood-centric view of films is viewed with suspicion and even fear. The fact that a movie poster could communicate something other than “watch our film, make us money” just doesn’t compute for them. That said, clearly some of these posters were made by people who hadnot even seen the film (not surprising when the film is ‘Weekend at Bernies’, though).

  49. Can we differentiate between, fine art, graphic design and illustration?
    These posters seem to have been be under some kind of legal constraints. Most of them are are very interesting. As far as people commenting about being depressing, when was the last time you actually saw a movie that made you feel great? Maybe the expectations of entertainment have been compromised some how. Cultural standards, lack of decent actors, directors, scripts.
    These are beautiful for the most part. Creative and not made to order. Hollywood has a serious lack of confidence in the general public ability to sift through the crap.

  50. Some are improvements but others just illustrate designers need to reinvent and put their own stamp on work, ignoring the poswer of the original. Can you really improve on the image of De Niro on the original Raging Bull poster? Or the iconic MASH poster with the high heeled peace sign? And Alien. This version is a real dud compared to the original in terms of style and emotion.
    I appreciate the creativity but unfortunately the best work here misrepresents horrible films as art.

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  52. These are amazing! Thanks for the post. I have to agree with another commenter though: some of these, while visually arresting, tend to miss the point. That said, I can’t wait to see that hilarious screwball comedy “Terms of Endearment”!

  53. There like some evil art school projects – many are not only better than the official version but more than one are greater works of art than the film they were made for.


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  55. Awesome. Thank you for posting. Beautiful work!

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  58. Man, you people are stupid. Dont you realize that most of these movies were in themselves depressing or deep? It makes sense that the posters would reflect the movie to a certain degree…

    I love the Apocalypse Now, WarGames and Enter the Dragon posters. Truly moving and very descriptive.

    super-ass-kicker / September 6th, 2008
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  60. Great great stuff. Some of these posters are for terrible movies though and I would’ve gone to see them because of these great posters. Also, the seem highly literary and psychological. Like good book covers, that give you an instinctual or metaphorical sense of what a book is about without giving anything away and in fact adding to the depth.

  61. […] galleria è su Well Medicated e per approfondire ho trovato nei commenti un link a Tomasz Opasinski, geniale illustratore polacco […]

  62. I don’t find posters great or amazing.

    All of them are kid’s posters. Poor stuff.

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  65. i love how so many highlight the subtext of the films.

    absolutely brilliant collection!

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  68. You can see old Czech movie posters for foreign movies at this site: http://www.terryhoponozky.cz/plakaty

  69. 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland…

    50 Posters de películas made in Poland. Vía Mira y Calla….

  70. Very interesting concepts.

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  72. Polish School Poster Masters:

    Henryk Tomaszewski
    Safe to say, he started it.
    Jan Lenica
    Very diverse, really big in theatre
    he’s from Lithuania, practices in poland, he’s really a class on his own.
    Jan Mlodorzeniec, Wiktor Sadowski, Waldemar Swierrzy

    To all those silly people out there: When some of those posters where made poland had paper shortages, let alone quality printing, or photoshop.

    shut up about polish posters / September 8th, 2008
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  75. […] Polen ist (bzw. war) es üblich, eigene Versionen von Filmpostern zu gestalten. Sehr interessant: http://wellmedicated.com/inspiration/50-incredible-film-posters-from-poland/ Der Beitrag wurde am Dienstag, den 9. September 2008 um 11:13 Uhr veröffentlicht und wurde […]

  76. I love most of them! It’s cool with graphic interpretations not influenced by the photorealistic collage style posters made in western europe and the states…

  77. A stunning collection, that reminds us how bland the stuff we get in the west is. I suppose the mixed opinions of the posters explains why what we get in the west is so bland though: it’s about maximising profit, not artistic merit.

  78. oh wow, these are really great!

  79. I feel sorry for you.

  80. Cool – refreshing to something different, even if it is 20-30 years old. They’re filled with emotion and mood.

  81. The Polish do indeed have a long printmaking and poster tradition. I was reading about this a few months ago. These posters are in a style which is very reminiscent of cabaret and theater posters, both still popular events in Poland.

    I absolutely love these posters, and in the appropriate circles, these are well-renowned. It is to be expected that people like us, fed on a diet of airbrushed “badass Hulk Hogan with a gun” or “Stiffler/Screech goober face” posters, as well as those of us not exposed or accustomed to stage performance culture, would be unable to appreciate these wonderful works. When I hear “these look like they’re from the 70s/80s”, or comments about Photoshop, which are meant to be disparaging, it becomes very obvious to me what a hick, or how dishonest, that particular person is. A remark like that smacks of soccer mom or WWF douchebag.

    Also, just an FYI, Poland was never part of the Soviet Union. It was a satellite who’s politics were under the intense pressure of Moscow, but on paper, the country was a “sovereign ally of the USSR”. In fact, Poland was probably the most progressive of the socialist states. It is also worth mentioning that while the years under communism were indeed oppressive in a number of ways, it is far from the truth to say that people didn’t live completely normal lives. And so I disagree that these posters are necessarily expressing antipathy towards communist rule specifically (although that isn’t to say that some do not allude to the regime). The Party wasn’t the only thing on people’s minds.

    Bob the Chef / September 9th, 2008
  82. spot on there, tim. constantly having to make as much money as possible does take some of the creativity out of life.

  83. I think these posters are beautiful! Much more alive and artistical than the original ones. More original and more qualitative. Well done!

    /Stefan from Sweden

  84. these are fantastic!!!
    as an artist and a movie fan, i am inspired!

  85. I agree entirely with Bob the Chef. One key factor that no one has mentioned so far is that under the Old Regime, all (or most) cultural activities were state-subsidized. After the regime was overthrown in 1989 most of this funding stopped, and many of the country’s best graphic artists emigrated. Those who remained were mostly reduced to doing ads for Coca-Cola or pimple cream.

  86. All are superb.

    Eric Sandblom / September 9th, 2008
  87. Fucking amazing collection! I would love re prints (or original prints, obviously) of several of them…

  88. Hi, great to see some Pokish posters on here. I have been an avid fan of Polish Movie posters myself for several years, and have a couple of hundred of them – from 70s through to 90s (plus a few contemporary ones from this decade. they are in fact amazing – I love them.

    Stange not to see “Wozzeck” on here by Jan Lenica, one of the most important and famous Polish posters of all time – though not a film poster at all – it is still brilliant. Check out all Lenica’s posters he is an exceptional artist. Check out also Polish Cirk (circus) posters – they are wicked with great colourful designs.

    I have some of my collection on my Facebook profile, just search for me and you will see my album book for Polish Posters.

    Enjoy the greatest posters in the world from Poland.

  89. Here’s the link for my album. Please note you need to be a member of Facebook to view them. J

  90. The exploding Vader head poster is the best ever made. It’s just totally awesome.

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  93. mad posters…. i think… these posters made by so crazy man…

  94. Absolutely stunning. So creative and magical!!! I think it’s funny that people on here don’t ‘get it’. How can you not?????
    By boyfriend showed me these a long time ago, but it’s great you have them all in one place now.
    It makes our film posters so dull and obvious. The UK and US need to get more creative and interest their audiences instead of dumbing down.

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  96. I`m from poland, and can say, that this style of posters is still very much alive in theater. There are 2 places in warsaw you can buy them in, one is in an underground passage, and has the most recent ones, and one is a gallery in the old Town , where print prices go up to a 1000 Euros.

    These were a way, in their time, to also camouflage some anti-Party messages, as was most of the art and movies, and theatre in that time.But since, it`s not that obvious, it didn’t get censored.

    some of the big names in the poster graphics emigrated to the US, and made most of the graphics for the New Yorker, but also Broadway and all, so don`t put us away as Eastern European school of anything just yet:)

    You can also check this guy out, he`s working now, lives half in Poland , and half in Canada, and his name is Tomasz Walenta:

  97. I love these posters, real design from the past, great find

  98. Ever since I laid eyes on the Polish poster for the original Godzilla (which remains one of my favorite posters of all time), I knew that Poland was worth looking into for other movie poster images. Some of these I’ve seen, most I have not. Great stuff all around. I particularly like that the vertical orientation is not required. That “Alien” poster is something else. Not my favorite of those you’ve shown, but it really resonates in how unlike the actual movie alien it is, but also how truly it represents it.

  99. WOW amiazing compolation …
    thanx for sharing!

  100. Oh yeah, I am in Vancouver as well.

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  102. The poster for Fatal Attraction is deeper and more iconic than the movie itself. I love the After Hours poster, but it is lacking a plaster of Paris bagel and cream cheese…

  103. Polish movie poster school is dead, nowadays all we have is the same corporate crapp that every distributor receive from movie studios. Sad.

  104. Sure a number of them do seem depressing, but you have to admit that some of them are very iconic and creative. I love the Fatal Attraction poster and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  105. I own a lot of poster books (and advise anyone to find the 9 dollar Evergreen/Taschen ones covering every decade and every possible genre), and this selection here isn’t my favourite. My all time favourite polish posters are the one for Rosemary’s Baby (snake version), the one with the skull for The Birds, OMEN (b&w boy standing up with a devil for a head), the one for Nosferatu by Zaradkiewicz, Kwaidan, Heroin, The Quatermass Xperiment, Innerspace, ET (by Erol not by Pagowski), Westworld, Solaris, The Time Machine, Blue Velvet, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Conversation, Taxi Driver… Ask me for more info on where to see or find them.

    Fabulous Rice / September 13th, 2008
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  107. thanks for sharing… cheers from chile 😉

  108. […] Polish posters of well known movies… made freaky! […]

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  110. i am on lsd currently and this shit makes sense

  111. i thought some of these were really good,but most of them were just disgusting. the never ending story one for instance is lazy and uninspired. i mean really,its like the guy was commissioned,and the day before it was due,he got drunk and watched the movie and then doodled what he remembered the next morning while eating breakfast before he went to drop it off. the Gandhi one,though,was absolutely beautiful. very Dali-esque. but to call any of these posters better than American ones is pretty off,one because that’s a pretty broad opinion,and two,because every one of these paintings is completely and utterly destroyed by Drew Struzan and folks of his caliber. still very nice and interesting though:D

  112. […] September 14, 2008 by atlmalcontent Including my all-time favorite movie, (thanks to TW for the link) […]

  113. […] to shame every time; they are truly beautiful works of art. Trimming this list down to a mere 50 posters that I absolutely love was surprisingly difficult. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. […]

  114. It’s clear that a lot of the negative comments are made by people with little or no appreciation of good graphic design, or any sense of style. This is a superb collection of very very good work. Also a lack of knowledge of the history of design pre photoshop. this typography is great. Open your eyes a little and learn something. I work for a large visual effects company making wiz bang movies, The latest and greatest technology does not always mean the best results.

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  116. […] restlichen 48 kann man hier […]

  117. […] Olha que jóia essa coleção de posteres de clássicos do cinema ou sucessos de bilheteria visitados pelos olhos de artistas gráficos da Polônia. Detalhes: eram esses os cartazes que anunciavam os filmes, isso não é uma intervenção artística recente. Tem 50 destes cartazes aqui. […]

  118. […] Aquí tienes una recopilación de 50 posters de películas famosas que, sin mirar el título, te va a ser difícil identificar. Personalmente me quedo con el de “Juegos de guerra“. […]

  119. It’s frustrating (though not surprising) to see the negative comments on this board. It’s too bad that so many folks are so put off by the unfamiliar, when we should all be embracing it. These are all truly remarkable pieces.

    To those who suggest that these are poorly drawn: You’re foolish.

    To those who suggest that these were created to skirt copyright: You’re incorrect. They were created because, believe it or not, America’s design sensibility is neither universal nor supreme. Poles respond to advertising that reflects their sensibilities, as they should.

    Haters hate. Playas play.


    The Final Word / September 15th, 2008
  120. I’ll take these over MOST American film posters ANYDAY.

  121. […] y confección. Pero esto queridos amicous era necesario ser reseñado. En esta web podemos ver una colección imprechonante de 50 pósters realizados a lo largo de los años en la cercana Polonia. Con estos pósters se anunciaba en los […]

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  123. Wow! Some of those are amazing!

    I gotta own some of these. They’d look great in my home theater!

  124. @jkillah1:
    Maybe it’s because most of them were from the 80s and 70s. 😉

  125. […] More here. By admin Posted in Uncategorized You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. « Where do you have your company party? […]

  126. […] 50 formidáveis pôsteres poloneses de cinema – Os artistas plásticos poloneses são conhecidos por seus incomparáveis pôsteres. Aqui em Curitiba há uma banca que sempre vende exemplares fantásticos. […]

  127. […] Meer… […]

  128. […] Well Medicated blog has compiled a  collection of 50 mind-bending film posters created for American films released in communist-era […]

  129. […] conceituais, colocam no chinelo qualquer cartaz americano”. Mas é absolutamente verdade, confira lá os 50 cartazes. São realmente fantásticos, arte, conceito, muitas vezes melhor que os próprios filmes. Qual é […]

  130. […] came across this site showcasing a top 50 Polish movie posters via /Film and couldn’t stop scrolling.  Some of […]

  131. The current manifestation of Hollywood movie posters serve primarily to showcase celebrity and thus pull in larger box office numbers. Once in a while, there have been major studio releases with creative posters, but for the most part it’s a sea of gratuitously airbrushed glamor shots. In such a sea of mediocrity, these posters are inspiring and a welcome throwback.

    A. Shrestha / September 16th, 2008
  132. Wauw, like monthy Python meets Pink Floyd……

  133. I don’t like any of them :(

  134. i’m seriously crying. a thousand thank you’s for this post.

  135. […] seen them: Andrew Lindstrom has posted the most amazing selection of Polish film posters on his blog which you must not miss. From what I understand those are the actual posters promoting the movies […]

  136. […] שבפולין פוסטרים של סרטים זה עניין רציני, והם לא נראים בכלל כמו אלה ההוליוודיים. […]

  137. […] 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland (tags: movie) Blogroll […]

  138. A lot of great (and contrasting) commentary/reaction to these. If anything they’re an amazing look into the social environment of Poland at the time. Good stuff.

  139. […] HERE to view 49 others. Published […]

  140. […] http://wellmedicated.com/inspiration/50-incredible-film-posters-from-poland/ Escrito por Daniel Roda Arquivado Uncategorized Tagged: cinema, design, design gráfico, filme, poster […]

  141. […] wine glasses into walls, they sit at their desks and turn out conceptual masterpieces of the kind Well Medicated has put […]

  142. Es una muestra que deberia tener mas divulgacion. Es excelente.

  143. It’s funny cuz “Airplane” poster makes no mention of an airplane in the movies title. It actually translates to “Stay Calm, It’s Only an Emergancy”
    I agree these are dark and weird but from an artistic standpoint they are way more edgy and cutting edge than the American ones.
    I was born in Poland and i actually remember a second grade field trip to see “Critters” I’m pretty sure it was rated R. Poland is awesome!
    One more thing… American posters don’t always accuratly convey the movie in another language. So i think rather then just rewording the title they make a whole new poster.

  144. P.S.
    The Final Word, your cooment is perfect! you’re absolutly right about other cultures responding differently to American advertising.
    “America’s design sensibility is neither universal nor supreme” = perfect!

  145. […] Friday, here are some crazy awesome Polish film posters to tide you over until […]

  146. […] a look at the WellMedicated “50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland” and marvel at how a different interpretation can make tosh like ‘Critters 2′ or […]

  147. […] such things are few and far between. Negima Ala Alba’s opening animation is much like a Polish movie poster– it takes one random aspect of the show– the number 31– and just runs with it. […]

  148. […] Posted September 19th @ 15:34 by Fredrik 50 film posters från Polen […]

  149. LOL, You got to admit those are some super cool posters!


    Jiffy Whiffer / September 19th, 2008
  150. Ghandi, Raging Bull, and Star Wars all look greatt. others, some are alright, some are kinda weak

  151. This is not the first time I have seen great posters coming out of poland. Always unique stuff.

  152. […] 50 Incredible Film Posters…from Poland (these are awesome) – [Well Medicated] […]

  153. Beautiful, moody, intriguing! I love this style. Anyone know if these posters are available for sale anywhere? I’d love to decorate with them.

  154. […] Lindstrom over at Wellmedicated posted on his blog about 50 incredible film posters from Poland. Being a Pole myself, I instantly took to the images and the unique design. Poland has always had a […]

  155. Not digging these at all ! But hey … that’s just me.

    Now, if you’re looking for something EXTRAODINARY, click bellow !
    ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

  156. […] SEE ALL 50 POSTERS HERE. […]

  157. my kid has a hand like that rosemaries baby poster.

    is that bad? filthyrichmond.com

  158. I took a picture of a really cool gig poster in Poland, at the end of Pietrokowska St. in lodz.

    Link to Flikr:

  159. There used to be a gallery in Portland that sold these exclusively about 15 years ago, always wish I’d bough more.

  160. […] View them Here. Tags: design, poland, posters […]

  161. While all of these posters are beautiful works of art and great in all aspects of design they really fail at the “getting the point across” aspect. I really liked looking at them and it has opened my eyes to Polish design. Thanks for sharing.

  162. Great design ! Some of them are really amazing and can seriously kick American’s poster ass. Thanks for the collection.

  163. I grew up in Poland in 70’s and 80’s. These posters represent the dominant artistic mood of the whole country at that time. We listened to dark and complex music, we valued deep literature, we were a rather somber and serious culture- with a romantic twist. It was a direct reflection of political and economic suppression as well as the result of very dominant catholic religious culture. We also looked to England, Italy and France more than the USA for artistic direction and inspiration.
    Things have changed since, but to look back at those posters brings back some good and some not so good memories.
    As to the colors,

    John Peter Paul / September 19th, 2008
  164. .. the repro and printing technology was not great. Also, some of the posters were well aged by the time they were digitized for display here.

    John Peter Paul / September 19th, 2008
  165. […] are tons more at the link. Very interesting how different the vernacular is from what was going on in American movie poster […]

  166. Well, nice posters. I must say we don’t have them in Noir York like above. The thing is – Polish designers at the time of posters’ creation were not forced to work under pressure of making extra big money out of it. They were able to concentrate on the poster itself, not on the superior manager raging over their heads. Posters were aiming at artistic, expressive functions, not just impressive, money-oriented. We must also remember the political environment in Poland at this time. Western style of producing ads & posters would be considered not proper by the officials. Designers had to ‘power up’ all their creativity to make up something good out of ordinary, government approved things.

  167. […] are good, but for the vast majority, I’m just going to say they’re “meh.”read more | digg […]

  168. Bukator…

    You’re a fucking idiot…

  169. […] 19, 2008 at 3:16 pm · Filed under noticias 50 posters increibles hechos en Polonia para peliculas de […]

  170. […] I love Poland and I love movie posters. So welcome to the strange world of Polish movie posters. They aren’t like anything you’ve seen before. The Polish have elevated the movie […]

  171. […] Check out the rest of the posters. […]

  172. […] It’s a bunch of awesome (and creepy) Polish film posters!  Woohoo! […]

  173. […] pm Filed under: Uncategorized I’m in absolute awe and adoration over Andrew’s post at wellmedicated.com that showcases 50 brilliant film posters that are distributed in Poland. Show this guy some love, […]

  174. […] 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland // wellmedicated. « Kim Morgan revisits one of my favorite films […]

  175. Polish movie posters are amazing. If you haven’t seen it I would recommend trying to get your hands on the Bladrunner poster. It’s amazing.

  176. These are pretty crap like.

  177. […] par de cosillas artísticas curiosas: un mini-webcomic (no hacer caso de la advertencia) y una colección de posters de películas… versión […]

  178. […] Desde Polonia nos llega una colección de pósters de películas que son totalmente diferentes a los… This entry was written by testigo and posted on September 19, 2008 at 6:41 pm and filed under url. Bookmark the permalink. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL. […]

  179. […] Check out fifty superlative polish movie posters here…  Favorites? […]

  180. jkillah1, many Polish art forms take on a somber form. Rather than dabble in slapstick comedy or gushy romance, many Polish films, such as “Day of the Wacko” represent a more serious look on life.

  181. great stuff, seems the US material doesn’t have that much style or you just picked a really good batch…

    “Over 4000 Original Concert Posters, Flyers and Vintage Ads”

  182. Now for the clincher. How many of you dweebs know anything about Poland, or even know where it is?

  183. […] 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland // wellmedicated […]

  184. Nice collection of poster. Truly a work of art. I hope movie makers nowadays will get ideas from this in making new movie posters.

  185. Great collection. Too bad so many people get the words “art” confused with “new and shiny”.

    There are a lot of really good ones in this collection, but I think my favorite my people the Crocodile Dundee 2 one… I just love the way the NYC skyline is so subtly shown in the crocs lower teeth. That and the Fatal Attraction one… very subtle, very powerful.

  186. Thanks for translate and sharing!

  187. hey people from western countries, try to imagine what our country under communism looked like, the system tried to control everyone – it wasn’t like nazism – to kill. it was worse – made ppl kneel before the Stalin or whoever else… so was the censorship: when writer wrote about ants in his story they insisted on changing that becouse they were filty bugs, when he changed them for a bear – it was too aggresive (like western imperialism) – and you can saw such thinking at every level of life. Remember there is an influence of this in such ^ posters. And by the way to all photoshop lovers – these posters are powerfull traditional art and required a lot of skill from artists – if you cant imagine this obviously try to imagine that artists from Poland in the 80s had problems even with getting quality paint – not like in capitalism when you can buy everything fast

  188. Just great. Thx for sharing :]

  189. Very cool. As a Polish American I’m really loving this list and wondering why we can’t get cool posters like these here in the US.

  190. I came from Poland and I think that this is really amazing, I love it

  191. Strange thing… I am Polsih and i must say that i find your fascination a bit odd. I’ve seen such posters in Poland and im not really that excited about them… some of them look like they have won a contest for a poster in a primary school. I must admit that some are good, but some are terrible… The never ending story for example looks like a painting of my five years old sister :)

  192. […] Visit source […]

  193. yeah.. 60 years of comunist enslavement in our country and thats what we get..

  194. Stunning posters.

  195. […] 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland via wellmedicated « Empire by Niklas Goldbach […]

  196. […] via wellmedicated.com […]

  197. to jkillah1: i wonder if you notest by now that you are so full of shit? you said you like art? ha ha…start soon questionning your criterias

  198. […] think these are fascinating. Might have been more fun if they removed the titles and credits on some of […]

  199. […] Para se inspirar também, clique aqui. […]

  200. […] […]

  201. […] 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland: I’d seen a lot of these already but never in one place. (WM) 09.21.08 | Link […]

  202. jkillah1 wrote:
    “I didn’t like most of these… they were to dull! Kind of depressing, actually.
    There were a few I liked, but most of them just looked like something from an old magazine from the 80’s!”

    cause most of them were from 70s and 80s, when we have comunism here and didn`t have new technologies of producing posters (like computers and printers). Polish Poster School were one of the gratest in whole poster design in 80s, 90s. Check this names: Jan Lenica, Henryk Tomaszewski, Walerian Borowczyk, Jan Młodożeniec, Marek Mosiński, Franciszek Starowieyski, Waldemar Świerzy, Wojciech Zamecznik – most of works here are their handmade.

  203. […] reading the post I was completely unaware that Poland produced such artistically brilliant film posters.  These […]

  204. […] Para ver o restante dos 50 pôsteres acesse Well Medicated. […]

  205. […] collections covering the Polish film poster. 50 incredible Film Posters from Poland and the definitive Classic Polish Film […]

  206. […] 50 fantastic movie posters from Poland, via WellMedicated: http://wellmedicated.com/inspiration/50-incredible-film-posters-from-poland/ […]

  207. write authors’ names, please.

  208. How come ours don’t look this cool?

  209. story for example looks like a painting of my five years old sister

  210. […] Poland… these people get it. And Well Medicated has a great list of 50 gorgeous Polish film posters for you to gawk at. It seems that a lot of the posters don’t say anything about the movie and […]

  211. That “Permanent Vacation”poster is the standard european/us poster.

  212. God, I’m crying. MAGNIFICENT!
    BUT (there’s always a but), Im thankful for the hollywod shit way of making posters, cause by the poster I know if the movie is good or not. And I never go wrong. With those beautiful and inspiring art I would certainly watched lots of stupid movies.

  213. About polish posters and english bibliography there:

    Names the greatests:
    Starowieyski, Waldemar Swierzy, Duda Gracz, Erol, Czerniawski, J. Sawka, Wałkuski (Tootsie), a.o.

  214. […] Publicado em Setembro 26, 2008 por segueoseco Recebi esse link com posteres de filmes famosos na Polônia. Engraçado como tudo no leste europeu tem um toque […]

  215. these are very interesting in a fine arts aspect, but i dont think they are very good at advertising the films…yes, it’s design. but it’s advertising design – the end result is you want the consumer to go pay for a movie ticket. alot of those posters don’t convey what the movie is about, the mood, in fact most times it comes across the opposite of the way it should…i know our US posters are “hollywood”, but at the end of the day, it’s advertising people. if you can make advertising brillant and gorgeous and stunning – that is the ideal. but if you make something brillant and gorgeous and stunning, but no one buys your product, then you failed.

  216. Wow! Cool stuff. Thanks.
    If you could really judge a movie by the poster, the one for “A weekend at Bernie’s” would have you thinking “Oscar contender”.

  217. […] you like these, then you’ll also like this… it features 50 incredible film posters from Poland. This is my […]

  218. […] recently coming across a collection of 50 Polish Film Posters, I can’t help but feel a little bit disappointed. Sure there are classics, like Saul […]

  219. See more movie posters from the Communist era, this time from Czechoslovakia at my blog Czech Movie Posters – http://czechmovieposters.blogspot.com/

  220. Loved the Weekend at Bernies poster

  221. […] und immer gleichen “floating-head”-filmplakaten aus hollywood, kann sich bei wellmedicated.com an einer sammlung von 50 polnischen postern ergötzen. die sind nicht nur erfrischend anders, […]

  222. […] Ligatures in Flash 10!—thanks, Andre. 50 film posters from Poland—thanks, haraya. Samantha Hahn, hand lettering H&FJ looking for a graphic designer Contrast […]

  223. […] trabalhar e não pode ficar navegando na internet, segue aí alguns deles, todos tirados desse site aqui, muito foda (para ver o nome nacional dos filmes, deixe a seta do mouse em cima das […]

  224. […] leave a comment » Even in the depths of the Cold War, American blockbusters made it behind the Iron Curtain.  But the films we all know, we know through the lens of the society in which we see them…   By way of illustration, the design blog Well Medicated has collected “50 Incredible Film Posters from Poland”… […]

  225. […] yapılmış 50 sinema afişinden birliste hazırlamış. harika afişler var. i̇şte […]

  226. […] 50 Increibles Afiches de Pelicula de Polonia […]

  227. […] Poland’s movie posters could make even a Dane Cook movie look fucking badass. […]

  228. beautiful

  229. […] Here’s a print made for the movie Raging Bull that was designed in Poland. They keep it simple and allow the images to speak for the film. The parallel boxers shown portray the main character, Jake La Motta’s struggle between his social life and life within the ring. Keeping the color range narrow, the poster grabs the viewers attention, first at the gloves,  then leading your eye to the title which is just as unstable and volatile as DeNiro’s character. Follow the link to check out more great polish designed movie posters. […]

  230. […] linked to this amazing set of film posters from Poland. These are […]

  231. I curious to know why ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is included here. Clearly it belongs to a different era to the rest of the films referred to.

  232. Movie posters are usually the same right now, but lots of theatres in Poland have great posters for the plays. Some of them are real masterpiece.

  233. […] 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland […]

  234. […] 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland […]

  235. […] העורך של הבלוג wellmedicated ואסף למעננו 50 מהכרזות הפולניות היפות של כל הזמנים. אבל מי אמר שעלינו להסתפק במועטות הללו? אז להלן רשימה […]

  236. […] 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland […]

  237. […] Vez, navegando perdido pela web encontrei este incrível post do site/blog well medicated, sobre posters poloneses de filmes […]

  238. […] Vez, navegando perdido pela web encontrei este incrível post do site/blog well medicated, sobre posters poloneses de filmes […]

  239. […] Vez, navegando perdido pela web encontrei este incrível post do site/blog well medicated, sobre posters poloneses de filmes […]

  240. […] [stueccles] 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland // wellmedicated (tags: posters design film) […]

  241. […] Esto nos lo dijo:ESte Blog! […]

  242. […] 50 incredible film posters from Poland Vintage, and good! […]

  243. Not knocking your tastes, but I didn’t like most of these.

    I disagree that they’re in any way better than the originals, for the most part, I think they’re bad examples of illustration, and in a lot of cases here, the design isn’t appropriate to the film.

  244. I’m inclined to agree, at least with the latter part of the DMC’s comment.

    Cosidered as individuals pieces of art, some of these are really stunning pieces but, if we’re talking about their relevence to film they seem too embellished. For better or worse – better in my opinion – posters are advertisements and, as such, need to convery something of the tone of the movie. This is why I’m a little torn on this list; there are some really solid works, and the ones that hit the tonal mark, like Raging Bull and War Games, are truly excellent. On the other hand, I don’t think this interpretation of Weekend at Bernie’s would really appeal to the movie’s target demographic.

  245. It’s awesome to see so many different film posters side by side. They sure differ a lot than the ones we see for major movies here in the states. There not as “advertisement” looking and have more of an art form to them.

    Thanks for sharing all of these!

  246. […] came across this blog post about Polish film posters the other day, there are some gorgeous visuals (and some interesting politics being debated in the […]

  247. […] Qui il link. […]

  248. That is an incredibly beautiful collection, thanks. Really inspirational.

  249. […] 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland […]

  250. Some of them are actually good pieces of fine art. Some don’t. Also a lot of comments is rubbish, showing total ignorance of their writers.
    Great work to have found these out.

  251. Very nice!

    Why don’t we get posters like these here in the states? Is it the never ending need for marketing to appeal to all while delighting none?

  252. i’m from poland and i never seen this posters before. but I must say that’s awful and I’m ashamed. sorry every movielovers for this :)

  253. Some of these are truly beautiful. And such a different aesthetic from U.S. movie posters – I suppose it’s the fresh perspective on familiar movies that makes these so compelling.

  254. […] blog posts about Movie Poster Inspiration: My blog / Smashing Magazine / Inspirdology / Well Medicated (posters from poland) / Design Feedr / Smashing Magazine : Asian movie […]

  255. Rosemary’s Baby looks freaky…

  256. […] You can check them out here. […]

  257. forex

  258. [i]It’s funny cuz “Airplane” poster makes no mention of an airplane in the movies title. It actually translates to “Stay Calm, It’s Only an Emergancy”[/i]

    Perhapse the poster was commisioned before the movie title was translated, so the artist could be inspired by original title only at that time. Anyway, polish translations of movie titles usually sux ;-/

  259. […] que o meu queixo quase bateu no chão quando um colega me apresentou ao maravilhoso mundo dos cartazes do cinema polaco. Estas obras primas conceituais deixam os cartazes americanos no […]

  260. I’ve seen most of them, and I have mixed feelings… I don’t really see the point of making great posters to “entertainment level” films, such as “The Neverending Story”. They should have been “B-class”, just as the movies are. Entertaining, that’s it.

    On the other hand, the other posters are IMHO true masterpieces! I especially like “Cabaret” (http://www.poster.com.pl/gorka/kabaret.jpg) or “2001 A Space Odyssey” (http://www.polishposter.com/images/0740.jpg) Both are incidentally by Wiktor Górka, and neither in the blogger’s collection, which is a pity in my opinion.

    michal borsuk / November 27th, 2008
  261. […] link > WellMedicated RELATED: -> link > ArtScope.net  ; AMERICAN FILMS IN POLISH […]

  262. Matthew – that’s SSSR, not ‘CCCP’. it’s CCCP in Cyrillic. one of the best painters in

  263. whoops.

  264. […] is a very cool compilation of Illustrated posters from horror flicks over at wellmedicated. Some a are really great, some are kind of lame, but they are a good documents of the horror movie […]

  265. […] Vía Wellmedicated […]

  266. […] Wellmedicated. Mas também é uma velha dica do Diário de […]

  267. […] {via} […]

  268. i think that this a really good site i think that some off these pictures are really intresting and imaganative

    danel hayes leeds / December 4th, 2008
  269. Any particular reason that they re-do all the movie posters?

  270. love the permanent vacation’s poster… 😀

  271. As an American graphic designer with 20 years of experience, I find these posters inspiring. In my opinion, those who don’t appreciate them are missing one thing: A lesson in the history of graphic design. If all you’ve been exposed to is today’s aesthetic where everything is Photoshopped, I can see why you’d find this stuff to be “ugly”.

  272. Woohoo! Pienkna. Stuff like this makes me a proud Pole.
    _live in vancouver-check.
    _design nerd-check.
    _love this post, and what you’ve got going on here. Gives a great deal of inspiration to a (hopefully) future designer currently stuck getting her art anthro degree. Keep it up, you’ve got another reader.

  273. […] ist (bzw. war) es üblich, eigene Versionen von Filmpostern zu gestalten. Sehr interessant … http://wellmedicated.com/inspiration/50-incredible-film-posters-from-poland/ […]

  274. My grandmother escaped Poland in 1939. I can feel a lot of anger and protest against the war and it’s aftermath in these posters. It may not even have been done on purpose, but when a country goes through such hard times, it cannot help but come out in it’s art. It’s part of the national subconcious.

  275. […] This amazing website that features 50 incredible film posters from Poland doesn’t include Annie Hall, and it’s not really connected to any diegesis, but I’m going to have to add a number of the posters to my collection anyway. Just too much awesome. The way I see it, they can live comfortably alongside my kangaroo caddy, my skeleton painting of Kate Winslet, my red Swingline stapler, my blue-and-yellow Adidas Roms, and my oil-on-canvas of one dog going one way, the other dog going the other way, and the guy who’s like “Whaddaya want from me?” I suspect they’ll blend in just fine. […]

  276. Your taste and vision of the world, americans, IS WHAT IS DEPRESSING. Things outside your plastic self-consumed world, fortunately, don’t need you, don’t need to please you as a condition to be valuable, against what you could think. Briefly, your opinions, americans, have no interest. Amen.

  277. The Gremlins and Pink Panther posters are some of the worst I’ve ever seen in my life.

    Some are good. Few are stunning and beautiful.

    Others are downright awful. Many are bad or subpar.

    But any country’s design fits that critique, really. I’m not knocking Poland, and I’m not glorifying America.

  278. […] More Polish movie posters […]

  279. 很黄很暴力,对如图中所言,非常有视觉震撼力。

  280. thank you !在这里看到美规律

  281. […] know – or offer a new and gratifying visual experience. This isn’t a single link but check out 50 incredible film posters from Poland or 50 stunning Asian movie […]

  282. I’ve worked in a Polish cinema’s archive and they’ve let me take few movie posters. They’re great. But I’ve only got the one from Costa Gavras’es Missing from the list.

  283. The Autry’s Museum of the American West in Los Angeles has a large collection of Polish posters for Westerns. Click/paste this link for a list from our digital catalog: http://www.autrycollections.org/mwebcgi/mweb.exe?request=favorites;owner=mfelchlin;title=polishblog

    In 1999, we held an exhibition “Western Amerykanski: Polish Posters and the Western.” The Autry and the University of Washington Press published an illustrated book of the same title that is still available from the Autry’s store. I continue to receive inquiries about this fascinating collection.

  284. […] 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland // WellMedicated Contact Us Email This Post […]

  285. […] from this blog that graciously lists what I’m guessing is only a small portion of what those obviously […]

  286. These are absolutely wonderful! Some of them seem pretty disconnected from the movies as I recall them, but the style is awesome.

  287. […] collection of Polish movie posters (as in “Polish posters for Hollywood movies”, not “posters for Polish […]

  288. […] Chris Bird, a wonderful collection of Polish posters that in most cases are much more interesting than the films they’re […]

  289. […] out these 50 Alternative Film Posters from the 50 fim posters […]

  290. […] 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland […]

  291. […] very cool film posters from Poland. Who knew that some very average movies were ever translated into something so crazy? Guess the […]

  292. […] muito, muito mais no Well Medicated e no Gray […]

  293. […] Poland’s designers are very moody and quaint. Seeing the full collection in Well Medicated here and also in a facebook album here, is like seeing the same dark deep side of someone’s mind […]

  294. […] Polish Film Posters over at Well Medicated (their title has the usual search engine friendly hyperbole). The lack of Trajan, montaged arrays of heads and super-condensed fonts is refreshing – but seems to have been replaced with a Saul Bass fixation in some cases. I thought this one for Fatal Attraction was particularly minimal and striking. […]

  295. I like these posters very much. Refreshing change from the usual Hollywood fare. However, I didn’t find them jaw droppingly original so much. In fact I think they’re very similar to the sort of illustrations you might see accompanying short stories in magazines like Playboy or even the New Yorker. Doesn’t take away from my appreciation of them though. And The Fly poster is my favourite too.

  296. Such a rad list. Looked all around for a comedic post I was doing on Polish vs. American movie posters and got sidetracked for about 30 minutes on this site. This is definitely the best collection next to agrayspace. Nice.

  297. […] There are a ton of amazing Polish movie posters to check out here. […]

  298. […] 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland […]

  299. […] 1, 2009 I was very recently alerted to these Polish film posters by one of my all-time favorite blogs of many years running (many blog-years, that is).  These have […]

  300. […] Images via and complete collection found here […]

  301. […] april has called my attention to polish movie posters, a thing without which i’m unsure how i’ve managed to live thus […]

  302. […] Posters de filmes americanos feitos na antiga Polonia. […]

  303. […] Themes, design and film […]

  304. very nice collection of artwork

  305. Alternative Filmposter aus Polen…

    Hier hat jemand 50 alternative Filmposter aus Polen gesammelt. Zwischen toll und trashig ist alles dabei. Hier oben seht ihr zum Beispiel die polnischen Poster von “The Empire strikes back” und – ganz unverkennbar! – “Alien”. …

  306. Hey!
    Great site you have here! I’m a big posterfan myself, especially of Polish posters. I’m currently writing my second thesis on this subject, mainly Polish film posters, and I was wondering if you maybe might know some things (like information sources or such like) about this?


  307. Hi! I come from Poland as well as some people who spoke before me. I haven’t seen all of these posters before but I’m proud of designers who had made it. I’d like to thank to my American friend Bill Boehm who shared this site with me and Andrew Lindstrom for introducing me to this art. Way to go! Greetings from my inspirational country:)

  308. thanks good

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  311. […] (I’m easily distracted), to draw your attention to an amazing set of Polish film posters at Wellmedicated. This was posted last year, and I noticed it while browsing through the wonderful collection of […]

  312. […] wellmedicated has a beautiful parade of Polish film posters. Most of them are artistically superior to their original American counterparts in every way. I was struck by the similarity of style to the works of Barron Storey, Dave McKean and Bill Sienkiewicz. I did a little research into the style and learned about the world of Polish Poster Art. […]

  313. […] are only some of the posters dug up by Andrew Lindstrom on WellMedicated. They are lovely. .gallery { margin: auto; } .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; […]

  314. […] The crazy cool movie posters from the most unassuming of places. […]

  315. 2009 I was very recently alerted to these Polish film posters by one of my all-time favorite blogs of many years running …
    Thanks a lot

  316. […] que o meu queixo quase bateu no chão quando um colega me apresentou ao maravilhoso mundo dos cartazes do cinema polaco. Estas obras primas conceituais deixam os cartazes americanos no […]

  317. […] I’ve posted images of fab Polish posters and other variations on poster design, so this decent gallery at wellmedicated.com is nothing new. What is fascinating is the over 300 comments about the post, particularly the […]

  318. amazing display of imagination and ingenuity.

  319. ^_^欢迎访问我的小站。剑侠世界资料站的小站

  320. […] de arte ou decorando a parede da sala de sua casa. O blog “Well Medicated” relacinou 50 desses pôsters. São aqueles que, segundo seu editor, são peças conceituais e que fazem os originais americanos […]

  321. Some of these posters are phenomenal, but others are uninspired. I prefer the American Alien poster, but it is still a good piece of art work.

    Dachande / April 8th, 2009
  322. […] podem conferir mais exemplos neste BLOG. […]

  323. these are crap!!!! dude.

    lero torres / April 25th, 2009
  324. These SUCK. Matthew McConaughey isn’t in ANY of them!!!! what the hell?

    I agree that most film posters now are just very badly photoshopped and utterly banal: character pose on background, face shopped onto a stand-in model’s body.

    Seriously though, some of these were wonderful but I agree that a large number of them didn’t really communicate the tone or story or themes of the original films. Airplane2, War Games and Apocalype Now made the most sense…

  325. One of my faves was the ‘Howard The Duck’
    poster with the accusatory pointing finger.
    A human hand with 5 fingers- what’s up with

  326. These has been made during times when Poland was at communistic regime and was controlled by then existing USSR and those are mostly American movies from the other side of iron curtain that’s why there so weird at many times. Propaganda and censure made them looking like that. Today we have normal original posters for movies

  327. Greatest thing I have ever seen… it’s absolutely true, these posters put nowadays american photoshoped crap to great shame. We need more posters like these… thank you on your post!

  328. The Greatness of these posters doesn’t depend on the quality, detail, and other technicalities some people judge great art by, but rather the concepts they portray and the connection between the posters and the films… I would say that these posters give me better insight into what a film is about, and the style in which it is made than most of the (extremely) generic posters for the unnymbered Hollywood releases to hit the screens…
    I especially like the one for Fanny and Alexander… Fantastic!
    I love the grungy feel, and the fact that these posters are “honest”… Honesty is a continually fading quality in the western world, which we should all learn to appreciate more… There’s bad stuff in this world, and there’s no point in trying to cover it up, it just feeds the miserableness luring in the corners….

    Dearest / May 12th, 2009
  329. […] always on the lookout for cool posters that aren’t typically widespread. I came across some Polish movie posters a while ago and it opened up another world of alternate movie posters to me. I don’t think […]

  330. ALL TRASH

    BURNEIKO / June 1st, 2009
  331. The “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” poster is amazing. Absolutely breathtaking!

  332. Amazing and incredible posters

  333. I have a great one from the movie “Blow Up” check that one out….

    Boom Chick / June 21st, 2009
  334. […] great blog site i found if you’re looking for inspiration is wellmedicated.com. They have tons of amazing film posters, gig posters and pop art ideas sure to get you excited […]

  335. Great stuff! I hope you don’t mind, but I was inspired to take your selection and set them up next to their American counterparts – quite a striking difference seeing them next to each other.


  336. […] 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland – I really like the CROCODILE DUNDEE. This was written by paperclypse. Posted on Tuesday, July 28, 2009, at 3:07 pm. Filed under Bookmarks. Bookmark the permalink. Follow comments here with the RSS feed. Post a comment or leave a trackback. […]

  337. […] There are the classic ones designed for The Alamo Drafthouse and then there are the Czech and Polish varieties that make people stop to say, “WTF BBQ […]

  338. […] fonte: Wellmedicated […]

  339. […] Classic movie posters, as made for their release in Poland.  Some interesting design elements in there. […]

  340. Some really nice works of art here! Definitely among the best in movie poster history!

  341. Master pieces ! Thx

  342. […] (wellmedicated) […]

  343. […] A collection of 50 Polish movie posters (the poster for Alien freaks me out every time) Tagged as: movie […]

  344. […] en nog meer […]

  345. Any suggestions where i can get these or similiar posters in higher resolution ?

  346. Gotta love the Polish school of design’s work. Always so creative.

  347. Okay people, here’s a list of some old school designers (designing without computers – only pencils, brushes, paint, pastels, photocopying etc.), the “Polish School of Poster”:

    – Henryk Tomaszewski (in my opinion, he is the godfather of Graphic Design!!!)
    – Roman Cieślewicz
    – Jan Lenica
    – Walerian Borowczyk
    – Jan Młodożeniec
    – Marek Mosiński
    – Franciszek Starowieyski
    – Waldemar Świerzy
    – Wojciech Zamecznik
    – Wojciech Fangor
    – Wiktor Górka
    – Józef Mroszczak
    – Rosław Szaybo
    – Maciej Urbaniec.

    Also check a few followers of “Polish School of Poster”:
    – Jacek Ćwikła
    – Sebastian Kubica
    – Monika Starowicz
    – Stefan Lechwar
    – Romana Kalarus
    – Andrzej Klimowski.



  348. I recently visited the Krakow Poster Gallery whilst I was on holiday there with my boyfriend. The posters are even more incredible in real life, especially the original vintage prints. Needless to say we spent a fortune but it was so worth it. I now have a small collection of beutiful original 60’s polish film posters hanging in my apartment and they are something to be treasured.

  349. check out surealistic art by jacek yerka,now that is something to look at

  350. thanks al ot for sharing this collection of modern art!!

    stay creative and greetings from bremen/germany

  351. FINE ARTS!

  352. BONITO!

  353. […] 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland […]

  354. I posted an earlier message on here a year + ago, amazing how many comment are on here. Well done the author for creating so much awareness of the fantastic Polish Movie Posters. I am currently building my blog that is going to contain 100 PFP from my collection. Since my last post I had 200 posters, my collection now risen to 300, from 50s through to the late 90s and also some contemporay posters produced this decade by current artists making limited edition prints for galleries and collectors Market. There are indeed some wonderful new pieces of work around using more current design techniques – Photoshop etc, and done of these have to be seen.

    I’ll add a link on here when my blog is up but if anyone wants to contact me about my collection – 60 of which are framed and available for hire to galleries.

    Re. This remarkable collection here, all great pieces of work many of which are faces is mine, especially the Rosemary’s Baby, but what is missing are some of the more vibrant, bold and colourful works of the 70s, which I will give great examples of in my collection.

    I want to add one thing, imagine the dark grey streets if Zpoland during the reign of communism, these posters, posted outside cinemas and on town notice boards etc also brightened up otherwise grey and drap streets, artists used the art to
    Enlighten people’s lives adding colour and beautiful surreal images to enrich the community scenes. Imagine such colour and great art displayed on street corners, this would have been a pleasure to see, would never happen in our Western cities, only in art galleries. Perhaps from this particular collection it’s hard to imagine as many of the inshore are quite dark, but I will really try to give many different bold and colourful examples in my blog. Watch this space.

  355. Sorry about some of the typo errors in my last post just now. I just typed this on my iPhone on the busy morning train to Manchester, and this predictive text on the iPhone is a pain as if you slightly miss spell a word it changes it completely! If there’s a way to edit this post I would.

  356. I’m just ecstatic. Received excellent Polish film posters. I liked ..

  357. If it’s one thing to say for this, I would say this is the result of people being placed in a position they perhaps didn’t quite understand at all, but were given free reigns to do what they liked, and this is the result of working with such terrific artists who put brush or pen to paper and came up with these surreal, dazzling, unusual approaches to promoting a film to the public. The Polish School of Poster and the people who contributed to that school certainly showed what was possible in their home country during the heights of the Cold War. It’s also interesting if this school still survives today in some form or another, though I haven’t seen any recent posters to see how they’re doing it at all these days, though it would seem sad if it died.

    Chris Sobieniak / November 30th, 2010

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