50 Amazing Gig Posters Sure to Inspire

The gig poster scene isn’t exactly the best kept secret among music fiends like myself.  It is a tradition that started in the 60’s and is still going strong.

Nowadays, the majority of indie bands have a growing collection of poster art that is just too incredible to simply throw away once the show has ended.  Not surprisingly, this has led to the gig poster being something of a collectors item for music fanatics everywhere.

The following are 50 hand picked gig posters whose creativity and imagination blew me away.

Rilo Kiley

Designer: Lure Design Inc

Les Savy Fav

Designer: Cody Fennell

Devendra Banhart

Designer: Spike Press

The National

Designer: Spike Press

Broken Social Scene

Designer: The Small Stakes

My Morning Jacket

Designer: Andrio Abero

Mates Of State

Designer: The Small Stakes

Andrew Bird

Designer: Gina Kelly

The Decemberists

Designer: Little Jacket

Animal Collective

Designer: Delicious Design League


Designer: The Small Stakes

The Shins

Designer: Kevin Tong

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Designer: Dave Conrey

We Are Scientists

Designer: Jonathan Schmitt

Joanna Newsom

Designer: The Small Stakes

LCD Soundsystem

Designer: Little Jacket

Of Montreal

Designer: F2 Design

Tokyo Police Club

Designer: Doublenaut


Designer: Emek

Fiery Furnaces

Designer: Jason Malmberg


Designer: Shaun Flynn

Jose Gonzalez

Designer: The Small Stakes


Designer: Dani Vachon

Neko Case

Designer: The Small Stakes


Designer: Hammerpress

Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins

Designer: Sidekick Design


Designer: Micah Smith


Designer: Show and Smell Print


Designer: Never Sleeping Design


Designer: F2 Design

Arcade Fire

Designer: Mike Weihs

Bright Eyes

Designer: Option-G


Designer: Sleevestar

Sufjan Stevens

Designer: Salvador Lopez

Cat Power

Designer: The Heads of State


Designer: The Small Stakes

Belle And Sebastian

Designer: Strawberry Luna

Vampire Weekend

Designer: Spike Press

Architecture In Helsinki

Designer: DKNG

Sigur Ros

Designer: Vahalla Studios


Designer: The Heads of State

Grizzly Bear

Designer: Nate Duval


Designer: UglyBogus


Designer: Strawberry Luna

Zero 7

Designer: Dan Stiles

Iron And Wine

Designer: Methane Studios

Stephen Malkmus

Designer: Dave Motorcoat

Bloc Party

Designer: Matt Leunig

Peter Bjorn & John

Designer: Methane Studios

Flight Of The Conchords

Designer: Tyler Stout


These were all found from the gigposters.com catalog.  I am in no way affiliated with them, but if you enjoyed this post you should probably check ’em out.

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Yo, I'm Andrew Lindstrom. I am a freelance web designer based in Vancouver, Canada. When not geeking out over design, I'm likely geeking out over film, technology or pretending to play the guitar.

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  2. Wow, amazing art. And amazing bands! I love almost every band on this page. Really cool stuff.

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  4. Very cool concert art compilation!

  5. Thanks for wrangling these up. Pure quality.

  6. This is really great! Thank you.

  7. very nice collection!

  8. If you like them so much, you could at least give credit to the artists or link to their pages on gigposters.com.

  9. Thanks for the comments everybody!

    @Crono – Sounds like we have some similar music tastes :)

    @bjrn – That is a very good point. I dropped the ball on that one.

  10. AWESOME!!! Great piece of work!!

  11. Wow these are beautiful. Think the Vampire Weekend one is a favourite one for me but they are all exceptional!

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  13. No designer credits?!

  14. yeah credits for all of the designers/illustrators would’ve been a nice addition.

    i do recognize the designer for the Rilo Kiley poster at top. it was done by Jeff Matz, and the illustration of the girl was done by Billy Davis. One down :)

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  16. the rilo kiley poster was desgined by Jeff Matz (the illustration of the girl was done by Billy Davis)

  17. To echo what a couple of other people said, it’d be good to put in designer credits. If I were making this list, in fact, I’d list them by designer rather than by band.

    I know the Mates of States thumbprint one, the Jose Gonzalez one and probably some more were done by Jason Munn of the Small Stakes.

  18. I have updated this post with design credits for each poster. If I could find a portfolio site for the designer, I linked to that. If not, I linked to their gigposters.com portfolio.

    My apologies to anyone offended by my omitting these credits originally. That was totally my bad.

  19. Awesome compilation…They are beautiful works, all of them.
    If you got twice minutes please twist around my place: http://mercenarydesign.blogspot.com; a place for design lovers…

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  23. Pure Inspiration.

  24. wow, stoning artworks…

  25. Excellent post, the most inspiring compilation I’ve seen in awhile. Keep it up!

  26. Most of these are nice, and no doubt the artists deserve credit, but comparing these to show posters from the 60’s & 70″s these are BORING!

  27. These are absolutely amazing! Three thumbs up!

    Glezarie Keen / September 15th, 2008
  28. hey andrew, thanks for including my caribou poster…especially next to all those other great artists. phew, awesome list!

  29. i went to the of Montreal show

  30. Hi Friend,
    amazing art. very nice collection. Good.
    thanking you

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  34. stunning, radiohead, beck, arcade fire, all stunningly cool. Where can i get one for my own?

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  36. Great collection, although I think El Jefe Design’s The Decemberists posters are much better than the one you’ve listed here. He’s DC-based and deserves to get mad credit – http://www.eljefedesign.com/store/index2.html

  37. i won a screenprint of that beck poster from efc and framed it in a hot pink metal frame; it’s gorgeous. these gig posters seem to have been a lost art from the 60s that is slowly coming back. love this collection of amazing ones!!

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  39. So I think I’m seeing a trend in musical taste….

  40. 3 words: boring, scenester music

  41. I do not usually respond to anything, but these posters prompted me to. They are excellently done. The ones that caught my eye were the ones with simplicity, yet elegance.

    In response to ‘Trev’, on September 16th, I must say that you are wrong in many regards. I recognize many of those names, of whom I heard at CBC Radio 3. They are hard-working independent Canadian bands, with a great love for music, no matter who listens to it, and who are dedicated to creating the best sound they can. Of course, I cannot speak for the bands I do not know. If you cannot understand that, it’s your problem, but do not criticize what you do not know.

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  43. Thanks for posting. I found the artwork interesting.

  44. Thank you to everyone who has commented on or linked to this post! I am blown away that this post took off like it did.

    @ben chlapek – Thank you for making such a killer poster! Amazing work!

    @Jeff Christoff Nice find! Those are all great, though I reeeallly love the Decemberists one included in this post. It’s a tough call :)

    @a – So jealous!

    @Trev – We all have different music tastes. I’m sorry you’re not into these bands. Did you at least like the posters?

    @Sean – I tried to include a wide range of styles, but definitely love the simple and elegant ones as well. There are a lot of Canadian artists listed. Being Canadian I’m a little biased :)

  45. Some cool stuff there no doubt, but I prefer the actual advertisements for shows rather than the commercial silkscreens shown here.

    “Over 4000 Original Concert Posters, Flyers and Vintage Ads”

  46. Nice template!

  47. very cool… some more inspiration here, http://autistk.com/

  48. Fab poster collection! Great to see illustration and some great printmaking in these gig posters as opposed to photographs. Cheers!

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  53. There are some really cool posters there. I love the winter scene on the arcade fire poster.

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  55. Excellent! I’m enjoying both the music and the designs!

    Mr. Hideous / September 17th, 2008
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  57. how could you leave out anything done by Michael Michael Motorcycle? He is one of my favorites!

  58. 50 posters that any good indie music whore should love!!

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  65. Amazing posters!
    Check out these fake gig-posters from a recent show we put on in Portland, OR. All bands are imaginary!

  66. A fairly large smattering of posters but after scrolling for a while they all tend to blend in a bit. You’ve also omitted some amazing artists like the Netherlands based Zeloot (www.zeloot.nl), Aesthetic Apparatus (www.aestheticapparatus.com), Jay Ryan and the Bird Machine (www.thebirdmachine.com) and the beating heart of the poster scene, Seattle’s very own Modern Dog (www.moderndog.com) Ames Bros. and of course, Art Chantry.

    Meg Paradise / September 17th, 2008
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  69. These posters are great. I love most of these bands. Wish I could go see all of their live shows.

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  71. woow xD cool recopilation !!!!

  72. really inspiring…. thank you for making this site…..

    Authenticallyaswin / September 18th, 2008
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  74. Nice posters! mates of state gave me an excellent idea to impress gf 😛 while Of Montreal gave me headache :( its just horrible

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  76. all great music and great gig posters!
    Great collection!

  77. SNAP! A few of these are absolute stunners.
    Thank you for gathering and sharing ’em.

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  79. Stumbled upon this awesome page and was inspired to look up the bands who I did not recognise. Now I have to thank you for putting all this together becuase it has helped in extending my playlists. YAY!

    One thing which might be be nice to add is the year of the poster/gig. I know you can see the dates on some posters but not all.

    Thanks again!

    Junipercat / September 18th, 2008
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  81. :o…

    (via merely thinking)


  82. thank goodness for veer.com

  83. really amazing! thanks!

  84. Goddamn, most of those are bloody amazing (though a few don’t deserve to be on that list)! Jealousy, she rears her ugly head once more.

  85. You know, you have an absurdly good taste in music. But then so do I 😛
    See if you can find a Menomena poster to go on the list. They are generally amazing and would fit in quite nicely indeed.

    Keep up the good work…

  86. I agree with Jon Quate. 60s posters leave these in the dust….by far!

    Mark Nohner / September 18th, 2008
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  88. Wow i love all posters!!! 😀

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  90. Great posters!

  91. Found you by way of ISO50. This is an awesome list. I have a ton of posters and this introduced me to some new artists. Thanks!

  92. Some good posters, none blow me away.

    some of these do: http://www.derekhess.com
    more of these do: http://www.thebirdmachine.com
    all of these do: http://www.burlesquedesign.com

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  94. I’ve always loved poster art for indie bands. All of these are really great picks. Thanks for sharing!

  95. The Inspiration Room is very very competitive, apparently they receive over 10,000 pieces of work a day.

    IdeaBloomsGate / September 18th, 2008
  96. How could you guys miss the decoder ring?


  97. I love concert and performance posters. Thanks for posting these Canadian ones that I’ve never seen. Great stuff!

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  102. (L)

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  104. I don’t think there was a one I didn’t like. What great, handpicked choices.

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  106. Loads of useless comments as usual 😉

    John Smith / September 20th, 2008
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  111. My favorite is the Fiery Furnaces one. I also like the Flight of the Conchords–but that’s just cuz the show is epic. Least favorite is the Bright Eyes one–I just don’t think the singer is any good. That’s dude’s lyrics are as deep as a California rain puddle.

  112. …not that the poster art has anything to do with the band itself…but I guess I just wanted to do a little Oberst-bashing. Can’t stand that fake precocious stuff. Have a great day–that’s some great art.

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  117. Great… simple art, valious art. fantastic!

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  119. Wow, it is really gorgeous!

  120. Great collection….very inspiring =)

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  132. A very enjoyable post! Thank you.

  133. I stumbled this site, and let me say that wish I could click ‘I like it!’ more than once. Thank you, for not only the great post, but for loads of new music too!!

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  140. very nice collection. God

    Eduardo Meyer / September 25th, 2008
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  146. thanks for the love! a lot of great looking posters here!

  147. Thanks for including my Andrew Bird poster! I do think there is a lot of great stuff in this thread….

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  149. Awesome designs! Kudo’s!

  150. cool images. It is soothing to eyes!!

  151. i really really REALLY like this list. thank you.

  152. Love em!

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  156. I do, I do like them! Where can I get the t-shirts?

  157. Love it 😀 Thanks for posting this… definitely inspiring!
    I actually haven’t heard of a lot of the band up there, gives me something new to check out. But great artwork… I’m sure the music is too. Peace!

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  159. I’m not a graphic designer, but as a musician and furniture designer I am always inspired by great design of any sort. This collection blew my mind – really cool and vibrant.

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  163. Is it weird that I know who each of these artists are? I love most of them and listen to them on a daily basis. 😀

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  171. Yeah, where’s Aesthetic Apparatus…?

  172. […] un día de pereza extrema como hoy para ver algunos y dejarles el link a tan bonita colección. Es este, pero yo he hecho una ‘pequeña’ selección después del salto, así que si están […]

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  176. Thx man for that great selection! Many of these posters are simply awesome, you made my evening!!

    Yaneshwar / October 14th, 2008
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  179. Extraordinarily beautiful! I just wish more of them would put the year on, too…

  180. Brilliant posters. Its great to see something really creative.

  181. this is basically you showing off all your fave bands and artists. “ooo, these are good names but we havent heard of alot of them…we just stumbled upon them. this guy must be rad.” half these things are mediocre at best

  182. Thanks Sam for starting off the weekend with a great dose of douchebaggery!

    I absolutely agree from a designer’s standpoint, these posters are very well executed. In fact, there’s a great deal of thought put into each one.

  183. hey hey now sam, don’t be ignorant. these are pretty well known bands. or maybe it’s just a fake america thing? no, no, of course not.

    in any case. i wanna throw a new challenger into the mix, too. holler at guy burwell. sam? is it cool that i post this guy? i mean a lot of the bands he makes posters for are, you know… “secret.” you won’t see coldplay or katy perry. h’okay?

  184. If I had 1/3 of the talent that these people had and could just absorb all of the crap they’ve forgotten in their lifetimes, I’d be a better woman.

  185. If I had one third of the talent that these people had and could just absorb all of the crap they’ve forgotten in their lifetimes, I’d be a better woman.

    Heather Marie / October 27th, 2008
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  187. […] out this list of 50 amazing gig posters, put togheter by Wellmedicated, a design resource by Andrew […]

  188. check out the posters for Lesion by John Bergdahl. The gig posters were on display at Arlene Grocery recently.


    swoosie deetz / October 30th, 2008
  189. FANTASTICO! Essa seleção de formas é um ótimo panorama de imagens, formas, cores e composições. Muito bom!

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  193. Awesome posters! They are definitely inspiring. It’s also cool to see the Andrew Bird poster of the gig I went to.

  194. classic how the best artisits/bands have the best-designed flyers.

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  197. […] sind generell eine nette Inspirationsquelle. Vor allem, wenn’s um Musik oder Kultur geht. Die hier auch! – Sympathisch & schön ist der klassische, handgemachte Ansatz vieler Entwürfe. […]

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  199. […] Well medicated have posted a bunch of wonderful indie gig posters that’ll make you wish you had been to all the performances. I especially liked the one above as I am a member of the cloud appreciation society and the one below for it’s inventive typography. […]

  200. The Bloc party poster looks alot like this (russian?) campaign poster against drinking : http://www.tululuka.net/alco/alko08.pxml

  201. wow, i saw some of the same posters at


    that guy probably stole your pictures

  202. yes, i’ve seen some of these posters as well before. you can’t trust people, they are always out for themselves.

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  205. If you really enjoy these works, you should also check out Aesthetic Apparatus, out of Minneapolis:


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  208. They’re pretty awesome to say the least! I especially like Futureheads, Feist, Caribou, Les Savy Fav and Mates of State.

    Fiery Furnaces is just a poor ISO50 rip-off imo.

  209. Awesome!! I loved them…the vampire weekend one and also the arcade fire one are my favourites.

  210. probably the best list ever :)

  211. Kickass collection,
    Thanks for sharing.

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  213. what, no mat daly posters? he’s pretty amazing…


  214. Hey guys, I’m just getting started in to gig poster design and screen printing. You can see some of my stuff at http://www.THEY-design.com as well as the various social networking sites. I too am out of Minneapolis, and the gigposter scene here is flourishing nearly out of control!

  215. there nothig interesting…

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  217. […] I really like the posters here, particularly of course the Rilo Kiley […]

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  219. […] Sono numerosi i gruppi indie e non solo che si affidano ad ottimi designer per creare le locandine da concerto, realizzando dei lavori originali e fuori dal comune,  si possono vedere le opere create per Radiohead, Of Montreal e Arcade Fire ed infiniti altri complessi. Ovviamente si scatena anche la corsa al collezionismo, ed è facile trovare in giro per la rete , persone alla ricerca di queste locandine, come non dargli torto! Io ho riportato quelle che mi hanno colpito maggiormente…ma ce ne sono molte di più qui. […]

  220. […] Medicated and Smashing magazine. Both sites have interesting collections of random things such as 50 Amazing Gig Posters and Vintage and Retro Typography Showcase, as well as tips/tutorials and interesting bits of […]

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  224. A few good designs, but almost every band listed here sucks.

    Ed Smith, Palm Springs, CA / January 27th, 2009
  225. A few good designs, but almost every band listed here sucks. Lame Hipsters.

    Ed Smith, Palm Springs, CA / January 27th, 2009
  226. these are so beautiful i want to cry. why cant i do this for a living? make the most beautiful posters bascially ever. ahh these are great!!

    foreverfrogs / January 31st, 2009
  227. OH YEAH. ed smith. get your ears checked. these people have serious talentt. “hipster”…

    foreverfrogs / January 31st, 2009
  228. If I could create designs like that, I’d be rather happy :)

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  230. this surely will inspire in the future.
    there are so Brilliant Graphic Designers around the world … just incredible, part of the power of the art and function is designing this

  231. love those bands….

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  233. great compilation :)

  234. This brilliant, some really beautiful posters there.

    Very inspiring.

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  239. chuffing brilliant, awesome selection of bands too!

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  241. […] all good art for good music which is just downright awesome. Some may say it’s even “inspiring“. Casey sent me that link and it has The Small Stakes all up ons […]

  242. […] Courtesy of Andrew Linsdstrom […]

  243. simply beautiful

  244. There seems to be some kind of relation between great music and great design =)

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  247. The gig posters are awesome.

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  250. luv the F.O.T.C one

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  253. that is such a horrible example of a good arcade fire poster! Have you not seen anything by Burlesque of North America? They are the ones that create the most iconic imagery for Arcade Fire.

  254. […] are in it. They are all for indie acts, sorry to those that don’t create posters for that genre. 50 Amazing Gig Posters Sure to Inspire // WellMedicated offhand I saw Nate Duval, Strawberry Luna, The Small Stakes, Methane Studios, and Tyler Stout. […]

  255. i would have chose some different emek posters but surely inspiring..

  256. Simpelthen ginialt!!!!!

    Fed kunst!!!

  257. great post! I have a huge collection of gig poster images and I have 5 of the same ones you have on here :)

  258. […] [upmod] [downmod] 50 Amazing Gig Posters Sure to Inspire // wellmedicated (wellmedicated.com) 1 points posted 8 months ago by SixSixSix tags imported music art saved […]

  259. Surprised one of Jefferson Wood’s concert tour posters is not listed here. His Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers poster was voted #18 out of the 25 best concert posters ever made. And he has won the CIC Pollster contest 1st place twice. Do a google search or look at http://www.concertpostergraphics.com

    Dave Stevens / May 16th, 2009
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  263. WOW!
    Never seen a collection before where i had to stop at each poster and spend a minute or more. Truly lovely.

  264. Great collection to inspire me indeed.

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  267. SO glad this industry is still alive, well & thriving!! The concepts are wonderful & make for really interesting and just straight up awesome posters! Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder also have some fantastic posters, designed by Brad Klausen & the Ames Bros.

    pearljamcrazy / June 29th, 2009
  268. Love them all.

  269. Hey Andrew,

    Nice collection here, some really good ones. Nice to know you’re local too.

  270. Great post! A lot of very useful information.

  271. You should totally submit this list to listverse.


    They have all sorts of lists, I think this one would do really well, get lots of comments :)

  272. Awesome posters! They are definitely inspiring. It’s also cool to see the Andrew Bird poster of the gig I went to.

  273. nice list of inspiring posters

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  275. Where’s Tara McPherson’s work? Surely at least one of her AMAZING posters should rank in the top 50.

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  277. amazing 50 Amazing Gig Posters Sure to Inspire

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  279. I fucking love Hammerpress’ designs!! I absolutely love going to their store on First Friday’s they have outrageous sales!!

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  284. Wonderful list. Thank you so very much. I wish you peace and respect.

    just let love be

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  286. Guy named Bushwalla always has sick posters

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  288. Wow…i love The Shins poster…nostalgic memories galore.

  289. Not only are these inspiring and unique but I love 90% of these bands too!

  290. I LOVE the Flight of the ConChords one :)

  291. damn… this are a very good list!!! very inspiring and beautiful…

  292. Making concert posters is one of my favorite design jobs. As a full time web-developer sometimes I don’t get to exercise the graphic design portion of my brain as much as I used to, but I get to play with all of my design infatuations with posters. Typography, grid based design, and photography / illustration.

  293. I love these contemporary posters with vintage designs! The detailing in the OOIOO and Animal Collective posters is just amazing… I can’t imagine if someone did those by hand how long it would take, time and patience wise, to have all of those colorful intricate lines drawn.

  294. Animal Collective is the best one..

  295. Great Collection.Each and every poster is a master piece.Thanks for sharing

  296. wow, i love “the shins” and blockparty! great collection!

  297. The people who designed these posters have an amazing imagination. My favorite is LCD Soundsystem…

  298. Thanks for the post and directing the people to keep an eye open for gigposters!!

    Great Collection, but my favourite definitely is the “Les Savy Fav” one!

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  300. These posters a really great. Based off of the ones you selected for this post, I think you might enjoy the work from Aesthetic Apparatus in Minneapolis, MN. I’ll be bookmarking your site

  301. really really nice selection! i love gig posters!
    you should really check out this artist guy called Dan Grzeca- he makes a lot of gig posters, has done loads for the Black Keys and they are really amazing! i was surprised not to see one of the black keys posters on here- but this guy Dan Grzeca has done some really cool posters look him up!

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