50 Amazing Gig Posters Sure to Inspire

The gig poster scene isn’t exactly the best kept secret among music fiends like myself.  It is a tradition that started in the 60’s and is still going strong.

Nowadays, the majority of indie bands have a growing collection of poster art that is just too incredible to simply throw away once the show has ended.  Not surprisingly, this has led to the gig poster being something of a collectors item for music fanatics everywhere.

The following are 50 hand picked gig posters whose creativity and imagination blew me away.

Rilo Kiley

Designer: Lure Design Inc

Les Savy Fav

Designer: Cody Fennell

Devendra Banhart

Designer: Spike Press

The National

Designer: Spike Press

Broken Social Scene

Designer: The Small Stakes

My Morning Jacket

Designer: Andrio Abero

Mates Of State

Designer: The Small Stakes

Andrew Bird

Designer: Gina Kelly

The Decemberists

Designer: Little Jacket

Animal Collective

Designer: Delicious Design League


Designer: The Small Stakes

The Shins

Designer: Kevin Tong

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Designer: Dave Conrey

We Are Scientists

Designer: Jonathan Schmitt

Joanna Newsom

Designer: The Small Stakes

LCD Soundsystem

Designer: Little Jacket

Of Montreal

Designer: F2 Design

Tokyo Police Club

Designer: Doublenaut


Designer: Emek

Fiery Furnaces

Designer: Jason Malmberg


Designer: Shaun Flynn

Jose Gonzalez

Designer: The Small Stakes


Designer: Dani Vachon

Neko Case

Designer: The Small Stakes


Designer: Hammerpress

Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins

Designer: Sidekick Design


Designer: Micah Smith


Designer: Show and Smell Print


Designer: Never Sleeping Design


Designer: F2 Design

Arcade Fire

Designer: Mike Weihs

Bright Eyes

Designer: Option-G


Designer: Sleevestar

Sufjan Stevens

Designer: Salvador Lopez

Cat Power

Designer: The Heads of State


Designer: The Small Stakes

Belle And Sebastian

Designer: Strawberry Luna

Vampire Weekend

Designer: Spike Press

Architecture In Helsinki

Designer: DKNG

Sigur Ros

Designer: Vahalla Studios


Designer: The Heads of State

Grizzly Bear

Designer: Nate Duval


Designer: UglyBogus


Designer: Strawberry Luna

Zero 7

Designer: Dan Stiles

Iron And Wine

Designer: Methane Studios

Stephen Malkmus

Designer: Dave Motorcoat

Bloc Party

Designer: Matt Leunig

Peter Bjorn & John

Designer: Methane Studios

Flight Of The Conchords

Designer: Tyler Stout


These were all found from the gigposters.com catalog.  I am in no way affiliated with them, but if you enjoyed this post you should probably check ’em out.

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  1. The people who designed these posters have an amazing imagination. My favorite is LCD Soundsystem…

  2. Thanks for the post and directing the people to keep an eye open for gigposters!!

    Great Collection, but my favourite definitely is the “Les Savy Fav” one!

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  4. These posters a really great. Based off of the ones you selected for this post, I think you might enjoy the work from Aesthetic Apparatus in Minneapolis, MN. I’ll be bookmarking your site

  5. really really nice selection! i love gig posters!
    you should really check out this artist guy called Dan Grzeca- he makes a lot of gig posters, has done loads for the Black Keys and they are really amazing! i was surprised not to see one of the black keys posters on here- but this guy Dan Grzeca has done some really cool posters look him up!