100 Illustrated Horror Film Posters: Part 1

For some, Halloween means costume parties and drunken debauchery.  That’s never really been my style.  Personally, I like to spend my Halloween evenings eating candy and watching scary movies.  Yeah,  I’m a nerd – I know.

This Halloween season has had me reminiscing of the brilliant horror and sci-fi movie posters of years past.  Particularly, I am a fan of the illustrated posters that used to be the staple of nearly every science fiction and horror film released.  These posters are able to communicate so much about a film with a single, masterfully created image that it’s a shame this style isn’t so popular nowadays.

Since there were so many amazing posters to showcase, I have split this post into two parts.  Part two will be posted on October 31st.  But for now, you may feast on the first half.

Creature from Black Lake

The Kindred

Fright Night


Death Race 2000

Silent Running

The Thing

Forbidden Planet


Planet of the Vampires

Tales of Terror

Kingdom of the Spiders

Day of the Dead

The Winged Serpent

The Island of Dr. Moreau

Road Games




The Alpha Incident

Up From the Depths




Robinson Crusoe on Mars

The Changeling

Invaders From Mars

The Giant Spider Invasion

Plan 9 From Outer Space


Fantastic Voyage

Dawn of the Mummy


Destination Inner Space

Garden of the Dead


The Shape of Things to Come

The Day It Came to Earth

Burial Ground


Mission Mars

First Spaceship on Venus

The Little Girl Who Lived Down The Lane

War of the Satellites

The Blob


Creature From the Black Lagoon




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Yo, I'm Andrew Lindstrom. I am a freelance web designer based in Vancouver, Canada. When not geeking out over design, I'm likely geeking out over film, technology or pretending to play the guitar.

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  1. Awesome collection dude! Where did you find ’em?

    Frightnight is still my favourite out of the bunch closely followed by The Thing (from a poster and film point of view).

  2. “The Thing” scared the hell out of me back in the day, nice post

  3. Good stuff, must have been a lot of work to collect all these!

  4. @Curvball – Thanks! And thanks for the digg! The majority of the posters were found from the sites in the references section.

    @Max – Me too! I just re-watched “The Thing” a few weeks ago and it totally holds up.

    @alanvalek.com – It was a lot of work – but fun work. :)

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  6. Great list – some inspiring images and some really bad films!

  7. ORCA’ sounds great!

    Apparently (acrording to the rather long blurb) a killer whale can hunt you down across sea, across TIME and across ALL obstacles.

    All in the name of terrible vengeance don’t-cha-know

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  9. Sweet Jesus! Thanks for this.

  10. Oh god, you have The Changeling. <3<3<3

    This is a great list :3

  11. These are awesome. I’m not the biggest fan of horror, but this might chance, just because of the posters… 😉 The poster of “The Kindred” is pure genius: I might put it on my new blog – see the link 😉 – any chance I could get a bigger version of it? 😀

  12. Hillarious, I love illustrated movie posters but I do have a rule that I never trust a movie with an illustrated poster. I have seen a lot of the films in your list and without fail they all sucked. The reason they have an artist do an impression of the films content is because the films content sucks. Nice post though 😉

  13. Great collection – well deserved praise. I’m studying the horror genre at the moment so this was especially helpful. Thanks!

  14. I’m so glad to see a lot of you are enjoying this post. Thanks for the comments everybody!

    @Tim – Haha. For a lot of these you could assume the better the poster the worse the film. :)

    @R – That is a long blurb isn’t it? Today’s moving going audiences would never read all that on a poster.

    @Bastian – That is one of my favorites too. I’ll send you an email about a bigger version.

    @Stevo – I think you’re on to something here. Although I do love a truly crappy horror movie now and then.

    @Simon SC – Thank you kindly.

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  16. Awesome post. I specifically remember the Fright Night and House as being posters I felt “cool” to have seen. Quality of film? well that’s another story… Thanks!

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  18. This is Awesome Poster Movies, i’m never to see before.

  19. Real Classics…

    I love it …great selection mate!

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  22. Memorieeeeeeesssss . cool

  23. Why have I not heard of Zardoz until now?! I must see this film! XD

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  25. Wonderful Collection! Loving all of these classics.

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  27. Can’t believe there is a poster for ZardoZ
    Cant believe there’s even that movie.
    The sut just killsme.

  28. Thanks everybody for the wonderful comments! Be sure to check back tomorrow for part 2!

    Zardoz has jumped to the top of my “must see” list – I hadn’t heard of it before either, but now I feel like my life won’t be complete until I’ve seen it.

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  31. great collection of posters. wonderful idea

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  33. AWESOME collection! Thanks for sharing & Happy Halloween!

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  36. I remember seeing the Changeling when I was about 8 years old. Scariest. movie. ever.

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  38. WoW……… those were good movies, well some of them……..
    thanks 4 sharin’

    chris...... / October 31st, 2008
  39. We nicknamed someone “the chud” totally awesome.

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  41. Zardoz isn’t horror!

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  46. A great collection! The Thing is the best.

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  50. […] 100 Illustrated Horror Film Posters: Part 1 // WellMedicated For some, Halloween means costume parties and drunken debauchery. That’s never really been my style. Personally, I like to spend my Halloween evenings eating candy and watching scary movies. Yeah, I’m a nerd – I know. […]

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  52. Road Games poster is simply trully great!

    Juan José / November 1st, 2008
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  55. Amazing!!! I almostr cry of excitement. Do you have those in high resolution so I can print it and make a huge poster for my room????

  56. Great collection, in some cases the posters are better than the films themselves!

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  59. Er … since when are Zardoz (filmed 5 miles from where I’m sitting) and Silent Running horror movies?

  60. Very nice collection. It reminds me to watch some of these movies again.

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  71. That’s true Andrew, the hand painted posters are not as popular today as the used to be, and the only time you ever get a new one is if there’s a new Star Wars or Indiana Jones film out. George Lucas is a big fan of hand drawn film posters. Still, that said, it can only be a matter of time before there is a revivial and illustrations will be the order of the day again. Drew Struzan is one of the few who still makes a good living at it and if you’ve got very deep pockets you can own one here! http://www.drewstruzan.com

  72. Great collection thanks for sharing.

    fistikuffs / November 6th, 2008
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  74. What a great collection. So many fantastic classics in there. Thanks for sharing. And sitting home on Halloween eating candy, watching scary movies is COOL (not nerdy) 😉

    GothamGirl / November 7th, 2008
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  79. Strange how one of the worst films in history, Plan 9 From Outer Space, has IMO, one of the best posters in film.

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  82. It’s interesting to see a collection like this. I quite liked some of them. Nice job.

  83. hello from Holland
    nice posters
    and so many old ones
    I missed a lot movies from the 80-s
    there was a horror-reveival in Holland then
    grtz Petra

  84. Re the Dracula poster, it appears as though Vlad has glanced at his wristwatch and realized he’s late for work.

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  95. Thank you.

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  105. bless your soul for this posting.

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  108. good stuff…

  109. hey cool, i designed that poster in the 1980’s, still looks pretty darned good.

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  111. thankyou! sadly, i always find more promise and excitment in the posters than the actual films! i was terrified to the point of sleeplessness by looking at posters and video covers of ‘horror films’ in the hire shop when i was a kid. when i was old enough to watch them, they never lived up to the horrors my own mind created in reposnse to the poster artwork!

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  114. LOL–Love it! The “Dracula” poster is particularly hilarious. The Count appears to be looking at his watch and more scared than his intended victim:

    “Oh, s**t! Only 5 minutes ’til sunrise!”

  115. good list, but i was disappointed not to see the gate on here

  116. […] Visit the first part of the poster archive here  […]

  117. “the thing” is just fabulous :-) “the warmest place to hide”. this poster collection is so great.

  118. […] hat wieder einmal keine Mühen gescheut und 100 absolute Perlen der Horrorfilmpostergeschichte zusammengestellt. Mit dabei auch der schlechteste Film aller Zeiten: Plan 9 From Outer Space. Achtung, der Beitrag […]

  119. gd 4 research on analasys and interpretation on horror movies coursework. thnx a bunch dude. :)

  120. mas pal eveie says it was cool too. :(

  121. i ment evie* :)

  122. keep posting the posters. its also gd 4 research on history of horror movies 4 ma knowlege and understanding. and also do u think tht jaws was made after the other sea monster posters? i think it coppied the idea of “orca” and “from the dephs” and while studieng the trailer it said to be a completely new idea. but i think not! :( wat do u think?

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  129. this is great! thank u!

  130. awsome!

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  137. Where “The Return of the Living Dead”??????

    Thales Oss / December 20th, 2008
  138. […] aklımı alan bu film afişiyle bu gün Andrew Lindstrom ve WellMedicated tarafından toparlanmış 100 İllüstratif korku filmi afişi derlemesinde tekrar karşılaştım. Hala yeterince ürkütücü olduğunu […]

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  145. My favorite one is Nosferatu :-)

    Cesar Castro / January 8th, 2009
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  153. Hello. And Bye. :)

    kookimebux / February 1st, 2009
  154. Интересно, откуда такое чудо вылезло?

  155. Some posters bring nostalgic feeling, bringing old memories and those days of VCR’s. It was more fun watching not so clear images moving on small TV screen rather than today’s HD movies on big LCD panels.

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  164. The sad thing is so many of those posters are far more exciting than the actual movie. God help me, but I’ve probably seen 95 out of these 100 films, even that incredibly obscure (and very, very cheap) Roger Corman space epic, “War of the Satellites”.

    Thanks for reminding me how much of my life I’ve spent acquiring this pointless expertise.

    grouchomarxist / March 6th, 2009
  165. Diversão garantida! Um webdesigner canadense compilou pencas de cartazes de filmes de terror.

  166. very intresting

  167. […] de terror. Entonces te dejo 100 posters de películas de terror. Ojala encuentres la inspiración. Enlace. Tags: Imagenes, Posters, Recopilacion, Recursos Comentarios (RSS) […]

  168. i’m not sure if anyone left a link to – or mentioned – a couple of my favorite movie posters – “Sole Survivor” and “Night of the Creeps.” anyhow this is a fantastic collection of posters!

  169. those are very stupid pictures .Ican’t see any kind of horror or terror |-) |-)

  170. […] More awesomeness here. […]

  171. Hey, Exelente post !!! segui asi que esta muy bueno !!! Besos !!!

  172. Zardoz is the best! Nice collection of images on here

    Weltgeist / March 30th, 2009
  173. amazing display of art!

  174. Oh my God!!! This is got to be the best list of film posters I’ve ever seen. All my favourite movies are here. Some I’ve never seen, but the classics are here. Great post. Amazing, really! Congrates are in order. How about posting sci-fi movies? Vintage ones, for example. Stop by my blog and check out my favourite cult sci-fi movie vintage posters. Leave a comment while you at it. Happy blogging. :)

  175. […] ce imi aglomereaza partea de jos a ecranului  ) . colectia intreaga o gasiti aici si aici ( sunt 2 parti ) . eu postez doar cateva , preferatele mele […]

  176. thanks for this amazing collection ..”mortuary” is kinda funny …fright night is my favorite .

  177. […] 100 illustrated horror film posters (part1) […]

  178. me ha encantado tu pagina tio, es muy buena

    MONTSE / May 5th, 2009
  179. […] out over these amazing posters, do yourself a favour and go look at the full collection here: pt. 1 and pt. 2. I’ll be busy updating my Netflix with these masterpieces of kitschy horror and […]

  180. yaay, some are damn good. I know this isn’t for me to judge the films but just the posters. and I know that horrors are not made to be scientifically correct, but to enjoy them. but, hey, piranhas in the ocean? who came up with this bullshit?

  181. oh, fuck me, it’s a lake. I’ve noticed it after posting the comment. SORRY. but still, these are stupid.

  182. […] sélection est disponible ici, divisée en deux articles : Partie 1, Partie […]

  183. I have another issue locally that I need still to investigate. The size of the pictures isn’t rightfully handled (floated pictures) and so they float on to the next post. As a result the layout is quite messy. Again this is something that only happens in my backup local server so nothing to worry too much about, this is certainly due to my own configuration.

  184. What an amazing collection you have, some really good classics.
    Horror films are always the best kind of films to watch. Love them!

  185. […] Si te gustan los filmes de miedo, te gustará esta colección de 100 posters de películas de terror. […]

  186. Absolutely great collection.

  187. the robot on the “silent running” poster looks a little bit like Wall-E.
    I like the nosferato and Marooned… and of couse jaws – it’s simple and great.

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  192. I’m new to this site, but I’m loving it so far. Awesome posters!

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  196. great collection, thanks..

  197. I love horror film posters…..and you have a great collection here. In fact, I found these posters much more exciting than the movies. The Thing and The Little Girl Who Lived Down The Lane are indeed creepy.

  198. […] to you by Andrew Lindstrom and his design site, Well Medicated.  He’s pulled together 100 Illustrated Horror Film Posters, some of which are amazing illustrated posters and others that I just good fun.  There are just […]

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  205. Nice pictures, I love this kind of pulp art and I love looking at them, cheking out the details. Thanks for posting.

  206. Hi dear friends, It’s nice collection. It’s very good poster and their quality. I have no word for you good work. But it’s very fantastic. If you have more poster of horror movie. Can you share with us ?

  207. most of them are gd but if u want super u gota look at things like wrong turn jeepers creepers halloween a nightmare on elm street friday the 13th the ring my bloody valentine lol

  208. Great collection,it’s useful for our artist works.

  209. Those are some of my favorite movies along with ones I have never seen and need to download and watch!! I wish movie posters were still like that…. then again I wish movies were still like that! I am going to go home and watch C.H.U.D. now… love it!

    lizzylou / July 29th, 2010
  210. Great list of movies. I would love to see “The Kindred”. It’s funny how old scary movies look to be really frightening but sometimes are not. I still want to see that movie.

  211. This is great stuff. Thanks for sharing this collection.

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  213. You made an old lady smile….I so enjoyed browsing your collection…What’s funny is I remember most of the oldies.
    Thanks for Sharing..


    Brenda McCalmont / October 21st, 2010
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