100 Illustrated Horror Film Posters: Part 1

For some, Halloween means costume parties and drunken debauchery.  That’s never really been my style.  Personally, I like to spend my Halloween evenings eating candy and watching scary movies.  Yeah,  I’m a nerd – I know.

This Halloween season has had me reminiscing of the brilliant horror and sci-fi movie posters of years past.  Particularly, I am a fan of the illustrated posters that used to be the staple of nearly every science fiction and horror film released.  These posters are able to communicate so much about a film with a single, masterfully created image that it’s a shame this style isn’t so popular nowadays.

Since there were so many amazing posters to showcase, I have split this post into two parts.  Part two will be posted on October 31st.  But for now, you may feast on the first half.

Creature from Black Lake

The Kindred

Fright Night


Death Race 2000

Silent Running

The Thing

Forbidden Planet


Planet of the Vampires

Tales of Terror

Kingdom of the Spiders

Day of the Dead

The Winged Serpent

The Island of Dr. Moreau

Road Games




The Alpha Incident

Up From the Depths




Robinson Crusoe on Mars

The Changeling

Invaders From Mars

The Giant Spider Invasion

Plan 9 From Outer Space


Fantastic Voyage

Dawn of the Mummy


Destination Inner Space

Garden of the Dead


The Shape of Things to Come

The Day It Came to Earth

Burial Ground


Mission Mars

First Spaceship on Venus

The Little Girl Who Lived Down The Lane

War of the Satellites

The Blob


Creature From the Black Lagoon




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  1. I’m new to this site, but I’m loving it so far. Awesome posters!

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  5. great collection, thanks..

  6. I love horror film posters…..and you have a great collection here. In fact, I found these posters much more exciting than the movies. The Thing and The Little Girl Who Lived Down The Lane are indeed creepy.

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  14. Nice pictures, I love this kind of pulp art and I love looking at them, cheking out the details. Thanks for posting.

  15. Hi dear friends, It’s nice collection. It’s very good poster and their quality. I have no word for you good work. But it’s very fantastic. If you have more poster of horror movie. Can you share with us ?

  16. most of them are gd but if u want super u gota look at things like wrong turn jeepers creepers halloween a nightmare on elm street friday the 13th the ring my bloody valentine lol

  17. Great collection,it’s useful for our artist works.

  18. Those are some of my favorite movies along with ones I have never seen and need to download and watch!! I wish movie posters were still like that…. then again I wish movies were still like that! I am going to go home and watch C.H.U.D. now… love it!

    lizzylou / July 29th, 2010
  19. Great list of movies. I would love to see “The Kindred”. It’s funny how old scary movies look to be really frightening but sometimes are not. I still want to see that movie.

  20. This is great stuff. Thanks for sharing this collection.

  21. I must be a geek, too. I’m totally into the Horror Movie Posters. Thanks for going to the trouble to research and post.

  22. You made an old lady smile….I so enjoyed browsing your collection…What’s funny is I remember most of the oldies.
    Thanks for Sharing..


    Brenda McCalmont / October 21st, 2010
  23. loving your post

  24. Wow such an awesome list. The schlocky nature of these posters gets me every time. And the memories…The Thing, Fright Night, Death Race. Legendary



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  26. You do not stop me udevlyat. Super Posters…