208 Retro Photoshop Patterns

I’ve been noticing lately, much to my delight, that there seems to be a resurgence in retro themed web designs.ย  Whether we’re feeling nostalgic for the classic floral wallpaper in Grandma’s old kitchen or simply watching too much Mad Men; retro appears to be in vogue.

This has led me to scouring the Internets on the prowl for the perfect retro Photoshop pattern.ย  I ended up finding 208 of ’em, and thought I’d share them with you.ย  Enjoy, daddy-o.

Patterns Pack 2 From Onethirtytwo (6 Patterns Total)

13 Patterns From Pink Gossip

6 Patterns From KeyMoon

13 Black and White Patterns from ZeBiii

Patterns Pack 3 From Onethirtytwo (6 Patterns Total)

25 Cutie Patterns from Crazykira

10 Dots ‘n Stripes Patterns From Colourgallery

Black and White Pattern With Negative From Snkr

4 Patterns From Skrn

Birthday Surprise Pattern From Basstar

27 Patterns from Crazykira

Patterns Pack 1 From Onethirtytwo (8 Patterns Total)

Patterns Pack 4 From Onethirtytwo (6 Patterns Total)

33 Patterns From Crazykira

20 Cute Patterns From !Raimyu

28 Floral Patterns From Toybirds

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