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Five Physical Dangers Of Working From Home

Posted by Andrew Lindstrom

Most of us freelance designers spend the majority of our consciousness sitting in front of a computer.  If we’re not doing actual design work, we’re communicating with clients, managing our finances or catching up on our twitter feeds – all of which also involve using the computer. I figure I spend between 45 – 70 hours a week at the computer depending on my workload, and as such have felt physical effects of prolonged computer exposure.

Here are a few things to be weary of if you work from home and hope to make it out in one piece.

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10 Blinding Bright Red Web Designs

Posted by Andrew Lindstrom

There has been a trend emerging in web design lately that is rather hard to miss: the use of blindly bright shades of red.

To me, this is a rather surprising and unexpected trend.  I would imagine designing with such colours would either require some monitor brightness tweaking or a constant flow of Tylenol to ward off emerging headaches.

That being said, these are certainly original,  eye catching and memorable designs that really stand out from the crowd – and that is one of the best advantages you could ask for.

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Top 10 ‘Desert Island’ Design Blogs

Posted by Andrew Lindstrom

With new design blogs launching left, right and center (present company included), being a self-taught designer is easier than ever.  It is thanks to these online resources, ideas and tutorials that our fingers are kept on the pulse of the design collective.

That being said, if I ever found myself stranded on a desert island and miraculously had access to 10 design blogs (you never know, it could happen), this would be them:

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