100 Illustrated Horror Film Posters: Part 2

Posted by Andrew Lindstrom

A few days ago I posted 100 Illustrated Horror Film Posters: Part 1 to get myself, and hopefully others, in the Halloween spirit.  Much to my delight the post was a smashing success!  Big thanks to everyone who helped spread the word on that article.

As promised here is the second half of the horror and sci-fi illustrated posters collection.  Though a lot of these movies are not exactly masterful cinematic achievements, at least they sport some pretty kick ass poster art – so it’s not a complete loss.

Happy Halloween everybody!

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100 Illustrated Horror Film Posters: Part 1

Posted by Andrew Lindstrom

For some, Halloween means costume parties and drunken debauchery.  That’s never really been my style.  Personally, I like to spend my Halloween evenings eating candy and watching scary movies.  Yeah,  I’m a nerd – I know.

This Halloween season has had me reminiscing of the brilliant horror and sci-fi movie posters of years past.  Particularly, I am a fan of the illustrated posters that used to be the staple of nearly every science fiction and horror film released.  These posters are able to communicate so much about a film with a single, masterfully created image that it’s a shame this style isn’t so popular nowadays.

Since there were so many amazing posters to showcase, I have split this post into two parts.  Part two will be posted on October 31st.  But for now, you may feast on the first half.

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208 Retro Photoshop Patterns

Posted by Andrew Lindstrom

I’ve been noticing lately, much to my delight, that there seems to be a resurgence in retro themed web designs.  Whether we’re feeling nostalgic for the classic floral wallpaper in Grandma’s old kitchen or simply watching too much Mad Men; retro appears to be in vogue.

This has led me to scouring the Internets on the prowl for the perfect retro Photoshop pattern.  I ended up finding 208 of ’em, and thought I’d share them with you.  Enjoy, daddy-o.

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Inspiration Roundup

Posted by Andrew Lindstrom

It seems that a lot of you out there are total inspiration junkies.  That’s cool, I am too.  That’s why I’ve decided to put together a collection of some of the best inspiration posts I’ve come across on the net.  Some are classics.  Some are new.  All are awesome.

If you ask me, you should you postpone whatever you were about to do and soak up each and every one of these links.  Enjoy!

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An Ode To Criterion Box Art

Posted by Andrew Lindstrom

For film nerds like myself, the Criterion Collection is the crème de la crème.  Every title in their incredible catalog is restored to pristine picture and sound quality and usually boasts some of the best bonus features out there.

But what is really seals the deal is Criterion’s gorgeous box art.  Every DVD in the Criterion Collection sports a completely original box art design.  They must have some of the best in-house designers working today as their DVD packaging just can’t be beat.  Needless to say, this makes it especially hard for the DVD collector to resist.

Here are 50 of my favorites…

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10 WordPress Blogs You Should Be Reading

Posted by Andrew Lindstrom

In case you haven’t picked up on it – I loves me some WordPress.  I think it’s one of the most monumental additions to the web developer’s toolbox to date.  Almost every project I’ve done in the last couple of years has been built on the WordPress engine, even if it didn’t need to be.

Needless to say, it’s good to know that I’m not the only fanatic out there.  There are some great blogs that are 100% dedicated to the WordPress cause.  It is through these sites that I keep up to date on the latest news, hacks, tweaks, and bugs in the rapidly evolving world of WordPress.

These are my ten favorite blogs on the subject of WordPress, did I miss any?

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